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    Default Chain Gang

    You guys planning on doing these again ?

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    knock, knock....hello, anybody in there ?

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    Red face chain gang

    Hi Trevor
    I will have a word with Hamish and let you know when the first one will happen. I dont visit this forum much now as we have our own forum on the club website (sorry club members only) I will add to home page when we know the date.


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    First chain gang will be Thursday 15th 18.30hrs Tolleshunt Major.

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    gr8 ride 2nite, really did enjoy it, if anyone isn't sure ,the roads are very quiet, its not really possible to get lost, and there is a short cut if 6 miles is too much.Cant wait till next week...

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    Red face

    Hey glad you enjoyed it!! I would like to thank everybody for coming along. For those of you that didnt make it.. It wasn't just club riders there we had 3 interbike riders and Matt Ewings Orbea FGS. Only 10 riders for the first ride but hope more will come along next week. At the moment we start at 6.30pm Tolleshunt Mayor Ind Est. If that to early just turn up when you can get there and join in.

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