Chair: - Peter Little (North Road CC)

1. Attendance

37 people representing 21 clubs: - Api Metrow, BMC UK, Chelmer, Crest, Colchester Rovers, Eagle RC, Essex Roads, Finchley, Glade CC, Glendene CC, Gateway, Hainault RC, Lotto Olympia Team Interbike, Lea Valley RC, Maldon &Dist, North Road, Redbridge, Stowmarket & Dist, Shaftsbury, Team Economic Energy, VC Revolution

2. Apologies for absence

Philip Hargreaves VC Norwich, Alan Rosner, Richard Norris VC Revolution,
Frank Rawlins North Road CC Chris Brooking API Metrow Southend Wheelers,
Jeremey Philips Met Police CC, and VC Barracci

3. Approve 2007 AGM Minutes

The minutes were published on the Forum in December last year. There were no outstanding Issues and were available to be read during the meeting also.

Proposed: Gino Howe Seconded: Joan Potts
Carried unanimously

4. Approve General Secretary’s Report (Report Attached)

The main points of the report were expanded upon with the explanation of why the Clubs that failed to promote within the rules of the ERRL were not penalised as per the rules.
The clubs all gave an adequate explanation for the cancellation of their race.
I took it upon myself to include the clubs and their riders within the ERRL Championship this year. As time was running out and there wasn’t an Issue with reason and effort to promote their respective races.

Proposed: Brian Potts Seconded: Joan Potts
Carried Unanimously

5. Approve Treasurer‘s Report (Balance Sheet attached)

With outstanding bills still to come a final balance could not be reached at this AGM. The financial situation of the ERRL would be Healthy with all outstanding bills being paid.

Proposed: Will Hedden (Glade CC) Seconded: Damien Foy (Eagle RC)
Carried Unanimously

6. Approve Web site manager’s Report
Apologies for the late updates to results and standings during the year. With the calendar for 2009 being already available with ERRL events clearly marked, hopefully this will be avoided next year.
Apologies too for the lack of news on the website. Volunteers to provide race reports would be appreciated.
Forum use continues to be healthy, the new forum software has settled in nicely.
The recent measures introduced to eliminate spam appear to be successful, and new members appear to be happy to post in the introductions forum in order to post elsewhere.
New hosting company appear a lot more robust and affordable than previous companies, so we'll be staying with them for another 12 months.
Website/forum costs for the next 12 months will be around £65 for hosting and maintenance.
I would like to introduce some enhancements to the site during the off-season, real-life permitting. I will keep the forum up to date with any changes

Many Thanks were offered to Tim Bonnet for his assistance in the running of the Web site

A vote of thanks were proposed to Chris Brooking for his work and carried unanimously

Proposed: Russell Dore (Gateway) Seconded Brian Potts (Chelmer)
Carried Unanimously

7. Election of Officers

Chairman Peter Little

Proposed: Joan Potts (Chelmer) Seconded?
Carried Unanimously

General Secretary Philip Whitehorn

Proposed Dave Dodsworth Maldon & District Seconded: Brian Potts (Chelmer)
Carried Unanimously

Treasurer Ann Illingworth

Proposed WillHedden (Glade CC) Seconded: Damien Foy (Eagle RC)
Carried Unanimously

Website manager Chris Brooking

`Proposed Will Hedden (Glade CC) Seconded: Joan Potts (ChelmerCC)

8. Election of the committee (Up to 4 ex officio)
The Three previous committee were willing to stand again Richard Norris (VC Revolution)
Simon Bateson (Team Economic Energy) Roy Godbeer(Southend Wheelers)
No other persons were willing to put themselves forward to serve on the committee.
Proposed Brian Potts Seconded: Damien Foy
Carried Unanimously

9. To include the following rule proposed by Gino Howe (Api Metrow)

a) That women competitors will receive ERRL points upon finishing a road race where they competing against men, to go toward their club and individual championship, should there be enough competitors throughout the season to deem a championship.

b). That women competitors will receive double ERRL points upon finishing in a road race where they are competing against men, where they have finished in the ERRL points "scoring zone" (i.e., 1st place to 10th place).

This motion was discussed but the wording was very confusing.
The general feeling from the meeting was that the principle of the motion that a women’s
Competition within the the ERRL Championship would be run

Ray Smith (Essex Roads CC) proposed the following amendment Seconded?

Rule 14
A ladies Individual championship will be run on the basis of 10 points for the first lady down
To1 point for tenth
The committee will decide wording and the number of riders needed to qualify.
Points awarded towards the Club Championship to the Ladies finishing in the first 10 will be
doubled i.e. 20 points for first down to 2 points for 10th place.

The amendment was carried unanimously.
The meeting rejected the main proposal by Gino Howe.

A Ladies Championship will now be added to the ERRL competition Rule 14 with the
Committee deciding the exact wording and the amount of riders to make the competition

10. Affiliation of new clubs:

Accepted Unanimously

Spirit Racing Team
Accepted Unanimously

11. Discuss 2009 ERRL Racing Program

The Glendene volunteered to promote the ERRL individual Road Race Championship as their event this year on August 2nd.
This was accepted unanimously

The West Suffolk Wheelers volunteered to promote the Ixworth Criterium as the ERRL Criterium Championship and would be the West Suffolk Wheelers promotion for the ERRL 2009.
This was accepted unanimously
Again this year there were clashes of events due to the central Region member Clubs not having the same Date fixing meeting as the Eastern Region

The meeting accepted the provisional calendar as it stood

12. Any Other Relevant Business

With no other relevant Business the meeting closed at 10pm

Eastern Road Race Leaguge

General Secretary

P R Whitehorn