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    Default AGM news

    Hi Guys,

    sorry I couldn't make the AGM - anything to report?


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    Unhappy Agm

    same here sorry for my no-show....

    What happend?

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    Good attendence. Gino's new rule went through. Two clubs joined. I'm sure full details will follow.

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    Default Apologies

    My apologies as well. Pulled out of the drive just in time to hear the M11 was closed. I didn't think I could sort out an alternate route and still arrive in time to make it worthwhile.

    Glad to hear there was good attendance!
    Go Canada!


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    Hi Well the new ruling means that any women finishing in a errl race will now recieve their own points for their championship,which also go toward their club championship points.
    In addition to this if a woman, or women finish in the errl points scoring zone, will recieve DOUBLE the points of their male competitors due to their outstanding performance.

    So girls if you were nearly tempted before to race, now is the time to go for it,for your club.

    This may prove detrimental for my club APi, but we have no women in the region who can compete for good placings at womens national events, this may give you the incentive you need to improve yourselves nationally.
    hope this makes sense to you all.


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    On behalf of the Committee I would like to thank all those who attended the agm on Thursday, and thanks for all apolgies received.
    It makes the job worth while when the attendance exceeded 40 concidering distances you have to come . Well done!
    The main points that were decided :- League Points struture for women Riders
    UK BMC affiliated
    Spirit RT affiliated (Central Region)
    Ixworth Crits :- ERRL Crit champs (West Suffolk Whls.)
    Glendene Event is the ERRL champs on 2nd August
    Thanks go to Derek Lusher Joan and Brian Potts and Ray Smith for their attendance and Input to the meeting.
    Congrtulations to Loto Olympia Team Interbike League Champions with all the respective champions were there to receive their prizes.

    Minutes will follow Shortly

    General sec.
    Phil Whitehorn

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