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Thread: Problems accessing your private club forum?

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    Default Problems accessing your private club forum?

    Check all these steps!

    1. Are you a registered user? If not, please regsiter for a username

    2. Are you logged in? If not, please log in

    3. Are you a member of your club usergroup? If not, please request membership by clicking on the Group Memberships link in your User Control Panel above. Your club's group moderator will need to approve your membership, which may take some time.

    PLEASE NOTE: I cannot add you to a usergroup (well I can, but I won't) - I have no way of knowing if you're a member of a particular club. Please contact the group moderator with any issues of this kind!

    If you're sure you've done all of the above, and still can't access your forum, please let me know via PM or e-mail:
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