Events are beginning to appear on the BC Website, it will therefore be possible to start the ERRL Points Competitions.

With the possibility of some road events not being able to go ahead due to objections from the villages through which they pass, or insufficient volunteers. It is proposed to allow for this year only ERRL clubs who promote a circuit event that also includes a Women's race to count towards the Points Competitions. Priority of entry to be given to ERRL clubs on an equal basis. A list of clubs can be found here:

For this year only we will allow clubs to run a joint road event with another club. We also ask you to assist other clubs with their road events if they are struggling to get sufficient help from their own members.

To make our Competitions fair, we will only award trophies and medals if there are 10 events or more for men and 4 for women, if less then they would just be gaining points for fun. There will not be a circuit race Championship for this year.

The list of events can be found here:

Others will be added as soon as they go on the BC Website.