The Chelmer Cycling Club's two annual road race events will take place on Sunday 3 April 2016 from Roxwell. The Chelmer Road Race, a reg. A event of 117km with 70 entries will start at 09:00. The Chelmer Road Challenge, a Reg. B event of 68 km with 45 entries will start at 09:10.

The race course goes from Roxwell to Boyton Cross, follows the A1060 west to and through Leaden Roding with an immediate left turn down south on the B184 until just outside Fyfield. Here the course turns east (left) up to and through Birds Green with a sharp right turn following the road all the way back to Roxwell. The finish line is about 2.5 km before Roxwell is reached. One lap is 24.7km in mildly undulated terrain. That means close to 5 laps for the Reg. A event and close to 3 laps for the Reg. B event.

With regard to the Reg. A event, preference is given to ERRL members. The Reg. B event is a truly open event but will mainly prioritise for male category 4 riders and women of all categories. Riders and supporters need to park at Dukes Farm. There should be no parking at HQ or on public roads. HQ car park is too small and, with two village churches, churchgoers need to park on the main road. Competitors' polite compliance will go a long way to ensure local backing of future events.

Please note there is NO online entry! A standard BC race entry form must be completed and posted to me with a cheque for £17.50. I am not too fussed about which version of the form you have to hand as long as it gives all the information an organiser needs. At the moment, BC has not managed to make the link to the form on the event website visible. In the meantime, it can be downloaded on this web address:

I am working on sticking the form on the homepage of the Chelmer CC website as well. I am sorry about the hassle with entry form. I didn't see that coming.

My main reasons for not doing online entry this year is that I have discovered that it gives rise to quite a lot of double bookkeeping and my time is precious this year. I cannot rely solely on the online event system as it's facilities are not quite adequate enough so I necessarily end up with a more advanced and useful office package built around MS Excel. As organiser I also loose flexibility on rider selection: Once riders have been rejected online, they cannot re-enter as the entry deadline has come and gone.

I hope this will not put off any ERRL members from entering. The fields are slowly filling up with riders from outside the BC Eastern Region. Lastly, the road surface around the whole of the race course has never been better with the latest resurfacing on Dukes Lane between Birds Green and the Willingale T-junction


Michael Rostoft
16 Haig Court, Chelmsford, CM2 0BH. E-mail: Tel: 01245 281871