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Thread: Diss CC road race.

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    Default Diss CC road race.

    Hi all,

    here are the results of the Diss CC road race.

    It was very pleasing to see the high standards of riding with no incidents to report. Thankyou.

    The only real issue was coming into Barningham where the route arrows had been turned around on the first lap. which caused an issue with riders going off route and not getting back on, but a circuit map was available at sign on and regarding marshalling on that spot, it wasn't a requirement on the risk assessment. I have had trouble on that section before with notification signs being ripped down during the week leading up to the race. I do apologise if this spoilt some riders day, but the general public are out of my control.
    Just out of interest that sign had been moved again when I went around the route collecting the signage.
    Don't really understand what they were hoping for after the race had finished.

    1st Anthony Morris: CC Ashwell. 2h-40mins-33sec
    2nd Bjorn Krylander: Cambridge CC.
    3rd Steve Hubbard: CC Sudbury.
    4th Jason Gurney: Arbis-Colbert Cycles RT.
    5th David Bamford: East London Velo.
    6th Stuart Pryce: Strada-Sport.
    7th Jack Steven: East London Velo.
    8th John Peters: CC Luton.
    9th Martin Ruepp: Iceni Velo.
    10th Rory Havis: St Ives CC.
    11th Liam Gentry: Strada-Sport.
    12th Phillip Hetzel: Ipswich BC.
    13th Jason Kierman: St Ives CC.
    14th Michael Cowland: St Ives CC.
    15th Andrew Holmes: VC Revolution.

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    perhaps no sign at all will be better at that corner as if the riders just follow the road they will be on course

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