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    Only just seen this email from Pete as it went to an old account. Bit shocked as Simon's not very old and raced against him for years.


    I'm sure, by now, most of you will have heard that Simon Layfield (Welwyn Wheelers -> Team Welwyn -> Green Arrow CRT) passed away on 2nd February this year. He was a good rider on the road, TTs and track, plus an excellent coach along with his wife Sophie. Together they organised the grass track events at St Andrews and Sele school in Hertford and helped at Plomesgate CC grass track as well.

    Sophie's sister has a me to forward the message regarding his funeral , such that those who can, can come along and say Good Bye.

    Saturday 22 February at 14.00 at Harwood Park Crematorium, Watton Road , Stevenage SG2 8XT

    If you would like to attend, it would be appreciated if you didn't wear all black, a tie or shirt or whatever that is a colour would be good as this is to be a celebration of Simon's life.
    Cycling kit is, of course, also acceptable for those travelling the environmentally friendly way.

    Children will be very welcome if you think it will be OK for them to attend.

    To help Sophie make suitable arrangements for catering, can you let me know if you are attending (if you haven't already let Sophie and family know already)

    Plomesgate CC

    RIP Simon

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    Nice tribute to Simon (and Sophie) from Laura.

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