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Spring training

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I hope everyone has been enjoying the ice whilst I've been away in sunny Lanzarote. It was great for a number of reasons: I could wear shorts and short sleeve jerseys, it didn't rain, when I turned a corner I didn't fall off and slide down the road on my already battered and bruised body and lastly, because the bolt on the top of my headset didn't get even rustier with 'turbo sweat'. Also, the surroundings were a whole lot better than the view from my rollers as the first attached photo (at the bottom of the page) demonstrates. And even better, it seems that since I've returned Spring has arrived (or is in the process of arriving). Of course I write these words with relish not only because I look forward to riding safely outside again but also so that if necessary I am fully prepared to eat them.

The other photos speak for themselves, there's not much more to say except that the Atlantic wind and super strong training partners (that means a Belgian, Frenchman, Danes and a very distinguished 100 kilo Estonian) have upgraded my form from Costa Rican post viral fatigue induced lethargy and ice crash sufferer to medium rouleur plus (tm). All being well I should be ready for my first race in a couple of weeks.

One more thing, I quit my job before I went on holiday and subsequently have had plenty of free time to ponder who has been visiting this site and from which country. I've figured out roughly who might be logging in from where but haven't zeroed in on the Irishman/woman, Spaniard or the Czech. The more countries the merrier I say, so if you are on business to a far away country please log in so I can get as many dots as possible. And no, there's no real reason to do this except for my own vanity and interest.

The dot just off the Saharan coast is Lanzarote by the way. Leave a comment if you like the photos.

The next post will be from Mulhouse.

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2009 - ASPTT Mulhouse


  1. tibride's Avatar
    Nice Pictures Dave - Did you time yourself up Tabyesco from the juntion to the Restaurant? I think it is a Triathlete thing! Tabyesco is my favourite climb on the island, but was not there when I first arrived in Lanzarote to work and train in Dec 1995. I think Lanzas makes you super strong if you spend a long time there. I used to work in the Bike centre and guided during the Bike weeks with Tony Doyle, and on the Mtb weeks with Gary Foord/ Mick Ives. I have many a fond memory of being beasted by a handfull of pro's, most notably by Bjarne red blood cell Riis post tour win. Me the only brit and 5 pro Danes, wasn't that a pip! Another good one was 120k with Robert Millar up Femes etc, without him saying a word apart from the odd mumble - very strange! Also remember giving a young Mr Hayles some jip on the bike, although it was January and he was breathing out of it.. I could name drop all day long with the riding experiences I have had in Lanzarote, sad isn't it! It's not Majorca but still great for training.

    Well good luck Dave I read your blogs with envy - I also had the chance to live the dream in France in 97, but lost my head and wrapped to go travelling. Respect and enjoy..

    Paul Fielding
    Ex Haverhill Wheelers.
    Updated 22-02-2009 at 02:48 PM by tibride
  2. David Mclean's Avatar
    Thanks Paul, I don't think there is anywhere better than Lanzarote to get fitness, it makes the glorified clubruns in Mallorca very tame, its so tough over there, no such thing as an easy ride. I didn't go 100% percent up Tabayesco as there was no one to race against in my group the two times I rode it, I didn't time myself properly either, the guy behind me said I did between 24 and 25 minutes though. They still talk about when Riis went there.

    I've actually been going there almost every year since 97 (I think) but not as a cyclist, initially just as a hyperactive windsurfing, surfing, and swimming 12 year old.
  3. ChrisB's Avatar
    Is that your brother I spy over your shoulder?
  4. David Mclean's Avatar
    Yeah, he's become a pretty good climber since moving to Zurich despite not training more than once a week. He's also been able to train on the roads (unlike us) and even the larger mountain roads as they clear them within 3 hours of snow fall over there, it helps to ride with Emma Poolley from time to time, too.
  5. TimW's Avatar
    I got a bit confused between the Lanzarote and Hawaii Ironmans when you were telling me about your Estonian training partner. Did he tell you that he ruffled a few feathers by winning the British National Age-Group (i.e. Amateur) Triathlon champs a few years back? People objected on basis that he was neither British nor amateur.

    BTW, Mark was a pretty good climber before he moved to Zurich ...despite not training more than once a week!

    Those roads look a bit like the fens to me, except straighter. I'm not surprised that you don't need to hold onto the handlebars.
  6. David Mclean's Avatar
    I didn't know he did that, I do know that I thought his chain would snap every time he got out of the saddle. His Legs were as thick as my waist, hes a big lad. You would never guess that he's a good cyclist when hes not riding.

    The only really long dead straight road on the island is the Timanfaya one (12th photo), It climbs only about 100m in 5k but the wind is so strong I descended it without pedalling peaking at 90km/h thanks to an average tail wind!

    Edit: I've replied to everyone's comment within a few hours or minutes .. does it show that I've bought a new laptop?
    Updated 23-02-2009 at 05:59 PM by David Mclean