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Victim of road rage

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It has been deemed that my life is now sufficiently interesting enough that I should have my own dedicated blog, whose sole purpose is to report, comment and unashamedly promote (in an unbiased manner) all matters cycling concerning myself. Well, thats how an arrogant twat would put it anyway. After some persistent prodding from a few people over the past couple of years who've been reading my posts on the Cambridge CC forum I've decided to get my own blog. I've always been wary of doing this because of the self indulgence that blogs (and the idea of blogging) seems to pump out in large quantities but I've finally given in. I've also (rather self indulgently) realised that one of the main reasons people read it was because they were going to the forum to read other more important messages in the first place (for example, finding out when the Cambridge CC reliability trials are, we're already up to page 3 of heated debate). Fortunately Chris Brooking has outdone himself providing me with the perfect solution by setting up this blog which is closely linked with the forum. Theres still a little bit of tweaking to be done before its finished but its pretty much ready. Thanks Chris!

I wasn't really expecting to post anything until I went to France on March 2nd (a nice and late start to the season as I'm missing the team training camp in order to ride my own in Lanzarote) but something worth reporting happened to me whilst training today concerning road rage.

I was just riding along Newnham road to meet some friends for a ride this morning when a car pulled out of a traffic jam leading to the Fen Causeway roundabout and into the right hand side of the road (where he was going I'm not sure). I had been passing the cars on the right (managing to stay within the left half of the road, if that makes any difference for legal reasons) and knocked his wing mirror off before falling to the ground unhurt, he clearly hadn't seen me. Perhaps in hindsight it would've been better if I'd been at least winded because what happened next was extremely regrettable. I immediately jumped up, lifted my bike up in the air and slammed it down onto his front bonnet. I ran round and opened the car door to find a petrified and extremely apologetic man (in his 50s I reckon). Fortunately neither car, bike or rider was damaged apart from the drivers underpants (the wing mirror could just be popped back into place and I bent my mudguards back into shape pretty quick, too). All exchanges proceeded cordially afterwards, the guy was genuinely sorry, shook up and he was clearly relieved it didn't turn out a lot worse (as am I for that matter).

I made a lovely dent with my pedal into his front bonnet when I threw my bike at it though, shame he didn't notice before he gave me his details and drove off. I'm guessing (as we both did something illegal) that it won't come to anything, he didn't ask for my details and I don't plan on claiming on the 0 damages he caused only to end up having to buy him a new bonnet and underpants.

Lets just hope he doesn't stumble across this blog.

Getting hit did a strange thing to me: the fact he was relieved gave me a bit of compassion for the great British motorist. Its sort of comforting in a strange way to know that for the most part they run us over because they're idiots, not because they hate us - not that it really makes any difference if you get into an accident mind. The one thing I've learnt is that I don't want to be the madman in lycra smashing his bike on a bonnet again only to find someone who can't control their colon, let alone their car. Next time I shall treat them like they're Anne from Little Britain.

Hope you enjoyed my first post of the season, please leave a comment if you wish, (at the moment you need to be registered with the forum to do so. [Edit: you don't need to be registered but you will have to wait for the post to be approved by yours truly, so be nice - Dave]). Unless something else "sufficiently interesting" happens I won't be posting until I come back from training in Lanzarote at the end of Feb. Toodle pip.


p.s. The nice link for this blog (if you care to spread the word) is

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  1. ego_land's Avatar
    ROAR! Dave ANGRY!

    I think 'They're just idiots' is my new commuting mantra.

    Speaking of idiots, in an amusing counterpoint on my morning training ride a trick of early morning darkness, perspective and non-standard headlight bulbs had the effect of convincing me that a madman was attempting to overtake an oncoming car by going through me.

    Following near catastrophic evasive action by yours truly, during which I just barely managed to avoid a classic superman dismount into a nearby ditch, I looked back up to curse at my almost-murderer. Imagine my consternation at discovering that the offending vehicle was, in fact, still a quarter mile up the road, and I had apparently nearly victimised myself as the result of a bizarre optical illusion.

    'They're just idiots' goes both ways?
  2. Unregistered's Avatar
    Actually, you don't need to be registered - but unless you are, and have posted in the intro forum, your comments will have to be moderated before they appear. HTH, Chris, masquerading as an unregistered user.
    Updated 29-01-2009 at 02:54 PM by ChrisB
  3. dds11's Avatar
    I agree with your observation that motorists mostly run us over because they are idiots, rather than malicious. Not least because, to my great embarrassment, I found myself to be one of these idiots when driving in Cambridge a few months ago. I didn't check my mirrors and forced a cyclist who was beside me onto the pavement. She did exactly what I would have done - slapped the top of my car and let me know what she thought of me. The experience, I hope, has improved my driving. What worried me though was the thought that a driver who wasn't also a cyclist might not have understood what they had done, and just left the scene with a new, or increased, hatred of cyclists.

    Well done on removing a wing mirror without injury though. Last time I did that I broke my collar bone.
  4. Oly's Avatar
    Dave - What would Nigel from Sherwood have done?

    I did something similar after getting knocked off when in the cycle lane on Milton Road by a driver trying to cut through the traffic. He drove off very quickly only to get stuck at the next traffic light. I caught the bastard and called the cops!
  5. Gerald Bray's Avatar
    Sounds like a typical Cambridge encounter to me. Cars should be banned int he city centre, especially coming down the Barton Road the way they do. A park-and-ride at the M11 junction would be great and long overdue. I'm glad you weren't hurt though.
  6. ChrisB's Avatar
    To be fair, Gerald, there ARE P&R sites at J11 & J13 of the M11 - it's only J12 on the A603 that doesn't have one. You just have to accept that some people can't or won't use them.