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I remember May 29th 2005 like it was yesterday, do you? Of course you do. The place: Indianapolis. The man of the hour: Dan Wheldon.

Indeed, from that moment on in Great Britain our lives changed forever and a new era began. Yes, the country shut down that weekend and we celebrated from the rooftops, it was the first British Indy win of many, here is a photo of a whole load of Brits celebrating:

Don't you remember? It's hard for me to remember what it was like before 29/5/05.

Now of course we are immersed in a golden era of British Indy 500 winners, we've won the thing the last 3 years on the trot. I can't move for Dario Franchitti key rings, Wheldon iPod covers and massive American V8s painted up like a Chip Ganassi Racing Car.

And so like the chicken and egg the great British champions led to great British speedway races being organised and held in this country and now Indy 500 is a national sport just like football, right? Now there are Speedway stadiums in every major city in the country, yes? What? No?

Sorry everyone, this is a stupid post. It's just that it's so obvious (to me at least) that if there is to be a true legacy from the recent British cycling sucesses it is to come from races IN this country rather than riders FROM it. If you don't know what I'm talking about then read my post from a few weeks ago.

A race creates a champion every time it goes ahead, it's pretty much guaranteed, with every year that passes and with quality riders attending it gets more prestigious every single year. In fact it's difficult for a race not to create a legacy, they are legacy making machines. It's a no-brainer!

Indy 500 racing is a national sport in the deep south of the US because that is where the races are, it remains so even though British drivers win it all the time. Cycling is a national sport in France because of Le Tour, not because the French win it every single year* (*written through tears of laughter and pity).

We need more legacy making machines in this country if we want to keep cycling on the map, what can you do about it? Read here:

If you haven't read BC's recent press release in response then here it is:

The wheels are once again in motion to change the law - albeit very slowly - you can be rest assured that I will be (and have been) monitoring progress closely in recent weeks. What we need to hope for is that there aren't too many negative responses by ACPO officers to suggested changes by mid October. In the meantime BC is going to offer all the help it can to Premier Calendar organisers. Bob Brayshaw, the BC liason officer is going to help any budding (or not so budding) Premier Calendar organiser negotiate police charging fees to a reasonable level. It is still hard to organise a big race in the UK but it is possible, all you really need is sponsorship, it would be great if we went up from just 6 premier calendars next year to something a little more reasonable, something that could sustain the numerous sponsored and Continental teams registered here..

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