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Update - What's going on.

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Hi everyone, long time no post. I am still home and I'm still absolutely knackered. I have written a summary of everything so far on the VeloVeritas site:

I'll probably do something on the LA investigation too if I feel like it.

So without further ado please read the links I have gathered for your delectation, I'm sure one or more will be of interest:

Firstly, I wrote this for

Some interesting novelty bicycles in Life magazine:

A study confirms what Thomas Frei knew and told everyone already,. microdosing is undetectable:

How do you get really good at super endurance events? Get short term memory loss:

Carl Lewis is an arrogant man:

A mad video in which someone has added special effects to goal celebrations:

Meridiana isn't the only team this year to have their bikes nicked and then recovered:

The inner ring has reviewed one of my favourite books: I highly recommend reading this.

If you haven't seen 'underpants man' landing himself a free Cipollini bike in the Giro this year then do so now:

It shall added to the pantheon of hilarious cycling videos along with the horse that took out Erik Zabel:

The harshest review I think I have ever read:

Graeme Obree talks about his first hour record with a few extra details you don't get in his book, great video:
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