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Coming up next week is the Tour of Hellas, it's 5 days of hilly road stages starting on Wednesday in ancient Corinth. Watch this space for reports -assuming I have internet access- otherwise observe Twitter or Facebook for much shorter reports.

Oh, and Davide Rebellin is joining the squad and will be riding with us in Greece, I suspect I will be bottle fetcher from now on.

My blog is on tour this week - I have written about Greece and Rebellin on the acclaimed Velo Veritas website:

Of course everyone seems to have private sponsors now, it's doesn't seem like a coincidence to me that we shall be changing from Prestigio bikes to Guerciotti ones, the very same brand Rebellin was using with Miche in 2011. My bike will be stickered up for Greece, hopefully the new bike will arrive at a time that gives me a chance to get used to it before the next race. which will probably be Slovakia.

Since I now have a serious website I have to write serious blog posts, so no more silliness whatsoever. I am transferring my silliness to my new chums at Cyclismas, here is my first contribution:

I was aiming for this demographic, it's a small one but I think I nailed it:

It appears my interview in Pez is getting my name out there a bit which is nice, if you haven't read it yet it's here:

In other news the little Columbian who won the Giro stage today used to ride for Meridiana:

Good work Chavez!

No links this week so here is a video of the Sky service course, very professional:

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