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Quick Update + A Few Links.

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It's been a tough couple of weeks as anyone who read my last report (and the one before that) will tell you.

Anyone with a powermeter that is frustrated by how much lower the numbers are than they should be just do the following:

No power, no problem. Of course I can look at it afterwards but it's important to train on feel, and it's even more important to feel good. So far it has worked.

Not much else to report this week but for those wanting their fill of blog related musings please read this interview between me and Ed Hood of Pez:

And now onto the links section, quite a few interesting ones this week, sadly mostly doping related though I'm afraid.

Read this crazy report on the massively disorganised Tour of Korea: It's just the sort of thing you don't want to have happen in a stage race.

Rabobank tolerated doping from 1996 until 2007: I think what should have happened was that Rabo should have pulled their sponsorship in 1996 and be done with it. Since they decided not to this was the best option. It's a question of damage control in terms of PR and also in terms of stopping your stupid desperate riders from killing themselves with EPO and a cocktail of all sorts of other potentially dangerous drugs.

Just out of interest the doctor who worked for them during that period, Geert Leinders, now works for Sky... I know, I know ... just do what the UCI do and try not to think about it.

Britain and British people are good and upstanding citizens though, at least they used to be. Watch this great video about bicycle manufacture in the Raleigh factory in 1946. It is absolutely fantastic:, why can't more PR films be like this? I really like the father and son thing and all the heavily scripted questions.

10.6% of the riders participating in the Giro have been involved in a doping scandal:!

It's great news for cycling that Orica have decided to sponsor GreenEdge. I can't but wonder why though. Here is the press release on their website: The only reason I can see for them sponsoring the team isn't to generate public awareness of their products, I mean their potential clients aren't exactly the general public, being an explosives and mining company. Either it is another Riis like sponsorship - i.e. largely because someone at Orica is a massive cycling fan or they intend to use their sponsorship as an opportunity to woo potential clients with VIP treatment at cycle events such as the tour. If it is the latter then I don't think it is particularly cost effective (9 million euros per year), I reckon it is a bit of both to be honest.

I race against this team all the time, perhaps Leinders can get a job there once Sky fire him?

Stephen Roche is so deeply in the doping closet he has resorted to solving cycling's other problems first: a ban on unzipped jerseys and christmas presents hung round your neck:

For those that don't know who Stephen Roche is, here is a photo:

It's a shame he's gone insane, I met him in 2010 and he seemed a nice enough guy. Good riposte from Vaughters here:

Here is a great article about who actually watches cycling on TV: It's funny that the only real reason most people watch it is for the scenery and then most of those people are housewives and retired folk. In that case who cares about doping?

If the cycling governing body of your country doesn't want to pick dopers for the national squad then it doesn't want to pick dopers - simple. If the olympic selection committee of your country doesn't want dopers though then that's a problem:

Sorry, far too many doping stories this week. I tried to punctuate it with other stuff but it can be difficult sometimes!

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