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Updates - Countdown to Dengie

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I'm back in the UK now and have been busy catching up with everyone. It's great to be back for a bit and the nice weather has meant that the transition in training hasn't been too harsh either.

I'm back to do the Dengie Marshes with a couple of teammates on Sunday, although I'll be staying for a little longer as my next UCI race is the Giro dell Appenino on the 15th of April.

If anyone is going out to watch Dengie at the weekend then have a look at the map first -

For spectators coming by car I would recommend leaving Maldon before the start and getting to the first section at Pandole wood, then watching the off road section on the circuit by Rushes Lane. You have to remember that the course is narrow and the off road sections are private roads (and undriveable anyway), so park off the course and walk. It's a rolling road closure and any cars parked at the edge of the road will be getting in the way even on the regular roads - so please be careful, we shall be using the entire road.

Lot's of links this time:

Amazing video of a Dutchman who managed to fly with some wings he built himself - contains swearing (don't blame the guy).

This is for all those people who take photos of their dinner and upload it to Facebook rather than eat it -

This is why you are British -

Films were just easier to make back then, a simpler, better time?

The guy who pretends to be Pat McQuaid on twitter has actually written something serious (@UCI_Overlord) -

Cool animation -

"Handbuilt" wheels by Raleigh -

And last but not least I really don't know what to make of this video - Part of me finds it really funny and BikeSnobNYC does a brilliant commentary on it here - Mainly though I can't help but let out a deep sigh. It highlights that by far the best way for Women's cycling to get any decent publicity is to eat the crumbs that fall from the men's table.

The highest profile women's teams are the ones attached to male pro teams. It is the same for races, the fact that the Women's Gent Wevelgem got far more coverage than the Women's world cup held on the same day in Italy (and so was more prestigious and important) is another example. Neither race got anything as close to the men's Gent Wevelgem in terms of exposure however. The reasons for the differences in male and female cycling popularity are numerous and controversial (another post perhaps...). One thing I feel though is that the way to promote Women's cycling long term isn't just to tether it to Men's cycling and to hope for the best, in fact I believe that it may ultimately be a dead end doing this, a glass ceiling if you will. In a way it is a pointless discussion though as nothing will be done whilst McQuaid is in power.

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