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Padania Stage 3

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Stage 3: ~230k from somewhere to somewhere else. With about 10k neutralised for good measure.

The stage was extended for reasons that I never found out. There were more protests at the start but otherwise not much to report on that front, the commies were quiet today.

It started fast, there were lots of attacks and finally a break was allowed to get away after around 50km and so we sat up for a while, but not long. Some squit of a rider from another conti team attacked the Ďclub runí and was laughed at for trying to get across to a break that already had several minutes and was probably shifting! I suspect it was a rather large break because the pace setting was quite high for the rest of the race. I reckon we averaged 50kph for the whole thing.

We finally arrived at the finish circuits, 2 laps of just under 20k, with two shortish climbs per lap. One was just after the finish line, it wasnít steep but had lots of hairpins, making the bunch string out and you had to coast round the corners at the speed we were going. Lots of people dropped the first time up this climb. The second passage through (final lap) I had to brake so hard just before a corner that I had to unclip. It was the same little bar steward who tried to get away earlier that caused all the trouble! I went from being in the top 50 or so to around 100th, I blasted up the climb as best I could, dodging all the dropped riders and got to the top just as a gap was opening up. A few of us held the gap on the descent for a while but eventually the impetus was gone and we rolled in to finish. I shouldnít be annoyed given that itís basically my first .1 stage race. But then again itís thanks in part to the aggression and disappointment and all the other emotions that come from bad luck that has got me this far.

I then spent ages looking for the team after the finish, got changed and then we left on a long drive to the hotel, we got stuck in Milan traffic and ended up going the wrong way. Much arguing amongst the passengers ensued. I tried to block it out with my mp3 player but got pretty stressed as well. I only managed to eat my dinner at around 9pm.

Tomorrow is the big day with the 15k mountaintop finish, unfortunately we have a long drive to get there which is going to make pre race eating logistics a little complex. Itís all been sorted though and Iím relaxed about it.

I think my big week of training in Switzerland is paying off, just put more fuel in the tank and Iíll just keep on riding.

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2011 - Meridiana Kamen


  1. ac282's Avatar
    Good luck tomorrow.