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  1. Larciano + Toscana

    I am not one for excuses, in fact I hate excuses but it cannot be denied that this season of mine is going pretty badly. This last weekend was no exception. Yes, sorry it's another miserable blog post.

    On Saturday I rode the UCI 1.1 GP Industria e Artigianato in Tuscany. It was hot, very hot, and a break of 22 riders softly clipped off the front at the start, only Meridiana and the Dutch national team didn't have someone in the move so we chased. The gap quickly went down from 4 ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  2. Pre Larciano+Toscana post.

    Greetings fellow blog readers, I hope you are well, I hope it is as sunny and warm where you are as it is here. I hope it is, I genuinely do, I do however know that it isn't... so keep your chin up as you crumple up those newspapers to put in your oh-so-wet-and-soggy cycle shoes.

    It has been a tough couple of weeks for me here in Polla and frankly I feel I deserve the good weather, I have been sitting out my injury sustained at the Toachim GP (yes, the one where I stupidly fell whilst ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  3. Role Models

    That last blog post was all written by me by the way, for those that didn't realise. It didn't actually happen, it was a fabrication.

    Sports people are role models whether you like it or not. They often embody qualities that are virtuous and suitable for a role model, things like single-mindedness, focus, dedication, *‘professionalism’, clean-living and so on, everything you need to get ahead in life. One of the most enjoyable parts of watching sport is supporting your favourite athlete, ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  4. World Exclusive!

    The following was obtained from an unnamed source...

    Setting the scene: Rupert, a knock-kneed, rough talking Ozzy octogenarian and James, his son is on work experience with his old man. So for maximum effect speak all of Rupert’s parts in an Australian accent and James more like a little boy...

    There is a knock on the door.


    Another knock.

    Rupert: shhhh be quiet I’m trying to work…

    James quietly ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  5. Hog Hill, Toachim and Appenino power comparison bonanza!

    Yes nerdy powermeter friends it is time! If you just want to skip this and go to the links then please do so, there are plenty and many of them are very good.

    First of all a quick look at the power for Good Friday's Hog Hill meeting - I spent most of the race riding what was mostly a two up TT, later on in the race 2 guys from Sigma got across to us. They were fresher, I rode like an idiot and came 4th. I rode at 735w for 15 seconds to get away near the start, this is actually quite ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
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