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  1. Keep Racing on the Roads. Please.

    There is no doubt that British cycling is alive and well at the highest echelons of performance - Britons won the Tour, the world champs and pretty much the entire velodrome; there's also no doubt that British cycling is alive and kicking at the grass roots level too - membership has doubled since 2007. It makes sense to assume that all is well in between, too, right? Unfortunately not; BC is the governing body for beginnerís racing, Regional racing (2nd and 3rd cats), all levels of women's road ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  2. How to be a road cycling fan.

    The average football fan spends their time roughly equally split between unhappiness (because their team lost), happiness (because their team won) or indifference (because their team drew), thatís an oversimplification but bear with me. If you took this attitude to cycling and picked a protour team to support you would spend an inordinate amount of your time being unhappy, even if you supported Sky. New and old British fans assembled to watch the menís road race on Sunday with the expectation of ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  3. Lance analysis.

    The last few months have been pleasantly doping-news-free since Contador got sentenced and frankly I was quite enjoying watching the sport on TV in an innocent way. It's a way to which I am not accustomed but it was fun nevertheless, it was a simpler, better time...

    Anyway, thats all gone for now and whether we like it or not doping (and Lance Armstrong) are going to be in the news again for a good long while. There is no choice about it, it's all happening again.

    Those ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  4. Update - What's going on.

    Hi everyone, long time no post. I am still home and I'm still absolutely knackered. I have written a summary of everything so far on the VeloVeritas site:

    I'll probably do something on the LA investigation too if I feel like it.

    So without further ado please read the links I have gathered for your delectation, I'm sure one or more will be of interest:

    Firstly, I wrote this for ...
  5. Alan Rosner

    Alan Rosner was an eastern region institution and a very hard working volunteer of cycling who is going to leave a big hole in his place. He died suddenly a few days ago after a short battle with a very aggressive cancer.

    In 2007 Alan put on the first Dengie Marshes Tour (or rather he resurrected it), he started with a simple National B on a circuit with the aim of improving it year on year, which he did. This year it was a premier calendar on a route that must have been logistically ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
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