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  1. Keep Racing on the Roads. Please.

    There is no doubt that British cycling is alive and well at the highest echelons of performance - Britons won the Tour, the world champs and pretty much the entire velodrome; there's also no doubt that British cycling is alive and kicking at the grass roots level too - membership has doubled since 2007. It makes sense to assume that all is well in between, too, right? Unfortunately not; BC is the governing body for beginnerís racing, Regional racing (2nd and 3rd cats), all levels of women's road ...

    Updated 07-09-2012 at 12:07 PM by David Mclean

    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  2. Cornering

    "Talent isn't just vo2 max and watts. A bike racer is half F1 driver, half marathon runner. If the F1 driver sucks, the marathon runner only gets to play in small races." - Jonathan Vaughters

    This is actually a tricky one. I remember being told off for cornering badly by one of my team mates when I first went to race for Kingsnorth in Belgium back in 2007. I suspect he still thinks I am awful at it, you don't tend to give second chances when your safety is at stake. Iím not really ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  3. Fane Clinic Orthotics Review

    Before you read this post I shall warn you that it is not an advert but a review - and it's about some cycling specific orthotics (insoles) I bought and had made for me by the Fane Clinic in Peterborough. If you aren't interested, then don't read! For me however they have been pretty revolutionary to my enjoyment of cycling (and performance).

    For the last few years I have been on a mission to eliminate every pain I experience whilst on a bike, all pain except for that cleansing aerobic ...