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  1. Vinko Polončič

    Despite managing a pretty decent ride today (by driving to the coast) Itís snowing and we haven't trained all that much, and being southern Italy (where training indoors is a rarity) there is only one turbo for all of us! I managed a ride outside a couple of days ago, too but the snow is settling now so weíre just relaxing by the fire instead. If you havenít read my report on Etruschi, I urge you to do so:

    Since Iím at a bit of a loose ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  2. Riding in the wind.

    Tomorrow I am heading to Laigueglia for another UCI 1.1 on Saturday. It's going to be a tough one I think with plenty of climbs, fortunately the weather is looking a little more accommodating. This is just a mid week blog post, if you want to know how Calabria went, then click here. The following post is something that has been brewing in my head for a while, I wrote/drew it all very quickly between stages last weekend however. It would be good to get a discussion going, corrections or more advice ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  3. Repairing Carbon Fibre - HQ Fibre Products

    If you have come looking for a race report then click here for Dengie:

    Despite my ENVE 6.7 Smart System wheels being beautiful, very fast and effective they are unfortunately cursed.

    They have been built and leant to me for the season but there were problems right ...
  4. Keep Racing on the Roads. Please.

    There is no doubt that British cycling is alive and well at the highest echelons of performance - Britons won the Tour, the world champs and pretty much the entire velodrome; there's also no doubt that British cycling is alive and kicking at the grass roots level too - membership has doubled since 2007. It makes sense to assume that all is well in between, too, right? Unfortunately not; BC is the governing body for beginnerís racing, Regional racing (2nd and 3rd cats), all levels of women's road ...

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    2012 - Meridiana Kamen
  5. Something Positive

    Hi everyone,

    As usual it has been a while since I posted anything. After the recent tragedy at the Severn bridge road race I was contacted by my friend John Heaton-Armstrong (who has written for this blog before) with some positive action we can all take from this in order to move forward and make road racing safer:

    The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme was introduced into the 2002 Police Reform Act by the 2005 Serious Organised Crime and Police Act.

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