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  1. Fane Clinic Orthotics Review

    Before you read this post I shall warn you that it is not an advert but a review - and it's about some cycling specific orthotics (insoles) I bought and had made for me by the Fane Clinic in Peterborough. If you aren't interested, then don't read! For me however they have been pretty revolutionary to my enjoyment of cycling (and performance).

    For the last few years I have been on a mission to eliminate every pain I experience whilst on a bike, all pain except for that cleansing aerobic ...
  2. Home sweet home

    A few days have passed and I now have a bit more perspective about Padania, I need to go figure out what exactly happened as that last stage wasnít the most difficult and I wasnít *that* tired. I think maybe I just got a bit too relaxed about it and thought I had finished before I really had, also maybe the distance covered in the previous few days suddenly came crashing on top of me. A diet of mostly Nat Bs, all less than 150km hasnít been the best prep for this racing.

    I also have ...
  3. Padania Stage 5

    Today is the day I really cracked. I donít think I recovered fully from the previous dayís efforts in the mountains and suffered for it. The profile for the last stage began with a 25km climb of around 1000m and then a descent, fortunately the climb was effectively neutralised, we didnít climb it *that* slowly, though. The descent was a little complex but mostly fast and safe apart from a very nasty looking crash from a Farnese rider (that I didnít see). We regrouped at the bottom and apart from ...

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    2011 - Meridiana Kamen
  4. Padania Stage 4

    Today is the day I cracked. We did the first 100k or so in a couple of hours, and then came the mountains. I got near the front and held on admirably until about halfway up the first climb, then I watched about 60 guys just ride away from me. I have no excuses, it was quite gratifying really in a strange way that I shall try to explain. I have been dropped by pelotons on climbs plenty of times before but there has always been a legitimate reason, usually illness, a mechanical or a weak head. This ...

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    2011 - Meridiana Kamen
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  5. Padania Stage 3

    Stage 3: ~230k from somewhere to somewhere else. With about 10k neutralised for good measure.

    The stage was extended for reasons that I never found out. There were more protests at the start but otherwise not much to report on that front, the commies were quiet today.

    It started fast, there were lots of attacks and finally a break was allowed to get away after around 50km and so we sat up for a while, but not long. Some squit of a rider from another ...

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    2011 - Meridiana Kamen
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