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    The discussion is hotting up on VR:
  2. dds11's Avatar
    If marshals had stopped the car at the Ed Taylor I wouldn't have a titanium plate on my collarbone for the rest of my life.
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  4. TimW's Avatar
    How to enable a small number of people (racing cyclists) to indulge themselves (race on the road) without having too much negative impact on people going about their own business (getting to where they want to go in the time that they allowed) and without costing a fortune ...

    It used to be easier because there were fewer people trying to get to places on Sunday mornings. Now there's more traffic at 10am on Sunday than there is at 10am during the week.

    One answer is to continue to start earlier and earlier - but 9am starts are bad enough.

    I think that the answer is to race on smaller roads. We can't do that at the moment because we have to be able to pass on-coming traffic. Closing roads denies people access which is a problem in the countryside. To race on smaller roads we have to be able to set up temporary one-way systems with diversions so that traffic can only flow in the direction of the race.

    I think this would allow us to move amateur racing right off busy roads and out of towns.
  5. yappay96's Avatar
    I agree we have a real problem, but think the challenge is a bit more simple (but still hard to solve). We need to get more people on the road so drivers have a vested interest in taking a personal interest in the person they are overtaking or stuck behind...... that will allow people to road race in an inclusive environment instead of people feeling like we are taking away from their day because we delayed them by 2 minutes on their journey...
  6. willmcf's Avatar
    Thanks David, nice analysis of the range of problems. I've often thought that BC is great if you are a kid (ideally with talent), or elite rider, but not very useful (other than dishing out racing licenses) for the average member - amateur male adults who want to race. This mirros your two ends of the spectrum Go-Ride and Team Sky.
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    Well done David. A fine tribute to Alan.
  8. David Mclean's Avatar
    False alarm, it wasn't salt ....and I've bought myself some head and shoulders.
  9. James W's Avatar
    I don't think the question even needs to be asked, Chris! I am sure that David is the first in line to promote such crucial priorities, which are necessary for the very future of our sport. Just as much as I, whilst judging bike races, always make sure I have my pouch for my list of starters, a stick of adhesive, scissors, stanley knife, stapler and whistle; not to mention my manifold file.
  10. MJC's Avatar
    I often have the same problem over here .. You are sitting to close behind a deicing lorry.
  11. ChrisB's Avatar
    I finished with my jersey caked in salt.
    Because you'd ridden the whole stage with it zipped up, I presume?
  12. David Mclean's Avatar
    I think I'm right in thinking they used to do that at my old university of Nottingham. It's really hard to get the balance right between gravity and the magnetic field apparently.
  13. MJC's Avatar
    > He could use it to go faster by flashing it past the speed sensor on his front fork though.

    Perhaps it makes you go faster by preventing limescale build up in your wrists?

    As I discovered from TV last week (Amazing Minds BBC) you can use magnets to make frogs (or any thing mostly water) levitate.
  14. David Mclean's Avatar
    After visiting the place, having a chat and a look round I think this guy can be trusted! I'll definitely use him again if I have another carbon mishap.
  15. yappay96's Avatar
    I just had a wheel of mine fixed by them a week back. Not raced on it yet, but i found it pretty difficult to find the crack so am pretty happy that it will be fine... I also agree on the repair front, although there is always the worry of someone repairing it that does not know what they are doig, but you get that with anything that gets repaired....
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    Very few Italian cyclists are T total, I was just as surprised as you are but I was given a long list of famous top Italian cyclists who like to unwind in this way.
  17. whdeboer's Avatar
    Drank and smoked? I thought all top cyclists were T total?
  18. Lee's Avatar
    Thanks for that, really useful
  19. David Mclean's Avatar
    Since MSR is tomorrow how about Sean Kelly bridging across a gap on a very technical descent?

    It's my favourite MSR, he bridges a (supposedly) 15s gap in about a minute and then embarks on a 2-up sprint masterclass, I just love how he waits and waits and waits on Argentin's wheel for 750m and doesn't pass him until he starts his sprint. Meanwhile the bunch is breathing down their necks.
  20. David Mclean's Avatar
    OK OK OK, you get to see some good ones on telly - Nibali, Savoldelli, Sanchez, Cancellara and so on. Lot's of video, here is a good one of Nibali:

    He got all the time he needed to win the GC on the final Tirreno TT the other day on the corners, that's for sure.

    When the riders of the 2009 tdf were asked who was the best descender (by lequipe) they all voted for Hushovd, at the time he had barely been seen on TV on a descent. I am trying to find the list of other riders but can't find it anywhere.
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