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25-02-2009, 08:29 PM
didn't get to catch up with everyone after the event. how was it for you? I enjoyed this year's a lot. As ever I cut it fine, deciding with five minutes to go that I would wear a base layer after all and made it to the start line seconds after the guy before me had set off.

The ride out proved a good warm up (though not as impressive as Simon Gaywood's 100 mile round trip). Vince and Chris did a great job of cheering me on at the top of Carbone. I wasn't looking out for Vince at Bayford but apparently he was there too. My legs were really stinging after the second climb of Darnicle but recovered a bit on the run down Cucumber lane. After about 20 minutes a couple of riders passed me but that was it.

Sam had started four minutes ahead of me and when I saw him in the dogleg towards Broxbourne I realised I was gaining time so it was a real motivation to push on and see if I could catch him up. The hardest bit of the course for me was oddly Brickenden to the foot of Essenden Hill where I struggled to get my heart rate up but with a couple of riders in my sights on Essenden Hill I gave the last ten minutes close to everything I had. Still I felt too fresh at the end so I musn't have tried hard enough!

26-02-2009, 05:55 PM
Good ride Gray! Good conditions this year and some very fast times, I reckon the top riders would be very fast down from Brickendon and along the bottom. Not us though!