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Thread: Redbridge Road Race

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    Default Redbridge Road Race

    1 Dieter Rowe VC Norwich - 2 hours 24 mins 53 secs
    2 Steven Griffiths Orbea - For Goodness Shakes - @ 1 sec
    3 Jamie Caldwell St Ives CC
    4 Graham Galvin East London Velo
    5 Roger Maidment East London Velo
    6 Basil Moss Cambridge CC
    7 Darren Cainey East London Velo
    8 Martin Meades API - Metrow
    9 Gray Turnock Finsbury Park CC
    10 Steven Smith Medway Velo
    11 James Wylie Velo Schils - Interbike RT
    12 Liam Gentry Velo Club Baracchi
    13 Robert Samuel Crest CC - Ilford
    14 Jonathan Shubert Verulam CC
    15 Gonzalo Rodriguez East London Velo
    16 Jack Steven East London Velo
    17 Daniel Scott Shaftesbury CC
    18 James Fox CC Luton
    19 Oliver Caddy Cambridge CC - @ 4 secs
    20 Richard Whitehorn Glade CC
    21 Russell Ford Glade CC
    22 Daryl Gannon Finchley Racing Team
    23 Edgar Medellin Finchley Racing Team
    24 Nigel Stephens Finchley Racing Team
    25 Malcolm Smith St Ives CC
    26 Hugo Hocknell VC Revolution
    27 Mark Hurrell Velo Schils - Interbike RT
    28 Carmelo Luggeri CC Ashwell
    29 Robert Fletcher VC10
    30 James Sale Eagle RC - @ 8 secs
    31 Philip Murrell Finsbury Park CC - @ 10 secs
    32 Trevor Ormes Velo Schils - Interbike RT - @12 secs
    33 Neil Chapman Maldon & District CC
    34 Tyler Denmead Cambridge CC - @ 34 secs
    35 Mark Porter Glade CC - @ 38 secs
    36 Ian Samuel Crest CC - Ilford - @ 43 secs
    37 Thomas Caldwell St Ives CC
    38 Andrew Ballentyne Easterley RC - @ 1 min 5 secs
    39 Neil Vaughan VC Norwich - @ 1 min 14 secs
    40 Tristan Emptage Team Chevin Bang & Olufsen
    41 Kristof Neys London Dynamo/Prologue
    42 Matthew Carter Maldon & District CC - @ 1 min 20 secs
    43 Damien Foy Eagle RC - @ 1 min 33 secs
    44 Kristian Mobbs Stowmarket & District CC - @ 1 min 46 secs
    45 James Samuel Crest CC - Ilford
    46 Nick Calverey Finchley Racing Team - @ 1 min 49 secs
    47 Peter Humphreys Southend Wheelers - @ 4 mins
    DQ Jeffrey Orrey Essex Roads CC
    DQ Andrew Cullinane Finchley Racing Team
    DQ Lee Rowe Finchley Racing Team
    DQ Richard Stanton Roy Pink Cycles
    DQ Barry Neal API - Metrow
    DNF Glen Vinnicombe Cambridge CC
    DNF Clive Richardson Chelmer CC
    DNF David Brown Essex Roads CC
    DNF Ian Badman-Dunphy Gateway Cycling
    DNF Martin Bryant PCA Ciclos Uno
    DNF Michael Auger VC Norwich
    DNF Dominic Bruce Velo Schils - Interbike RT
    DNF Jonathan Marchini Oxford University CC
    DNS Douglas Bradshaw Cambridge CC
    DNS Martyn Dunnett Diss & District CC
    DNS Philip Thomerson Glendene CC / Bike Trax
    DNS David Murrell London Phoenix CC
    DNS Dominic Berner Shaftesbury CC
    DNS Thomas Doe VC Norwich
    DNS Pat Hayes Victoria-Ciclos Uno-PCA-Pro-Lite CC
    DNS Douglas Coleman Anders Electronics/TMG Horizon RT
    DNS Stoyko Bussarov Imperial Racing Team
    DNS Nick Walker Anders Electronics/TMG Horizon RT
    DNS James Cocker East London Velo
    DNS Andy Defrates Braintree Velo CRC
    DNS Terry Garlinge East London Velo
    Joan Potts

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    Top ride BRO!!!!
    The first of many I am sure!

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    Many thanks to all the organisers and marshals for putting on a great race. Hope everyone involved in crashes is ok.
    The Rockets (Samuels)-Crest
    James "V2" Samuel

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    don't you mean DQ only x5? Go and have a look at the results of the Ken Lush RR! To be fair its hard to criticise the commissaire when a potentially life threatening crash was caused (apparently) by riders being the wrong side of the road...

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    We were warned in no uncertain terms that going into the hatched areas of the road would lead to a DQ!

    What happened with the lead car's rear window???

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