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as a spectacle I am sure it was great - but as a DS, the last two days have decimated my team. I have lost a Shleck and Farrar. Wiggins cocked up his prolouge and good old Jens seems to be using up a vast amount of energy supporting Fab and whichever Shleck is still upright. Still, at least I dont have any Garmin riders - do any of them still have a full compliment of ribs?

Thank God for Geraint Thomas. Second in the GC as well!
That's cycling though Jamie and it is good to see some excitement in the first 7 days for a change anyway. BTW I was in Rotterdam for the prologue and is was absolutely p*ssing down when Wiggins went off and completely dry when the otehr favourites went and before Wiggins rode 2 riders had already come off and smashed themselves up. I think it was good that he took it easy as it isn't just about 1 day, and he has already made the time back on Armstrong.