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Thread: Chain Gang start time.

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    Default Chain Gang start time.

    On the new website calendar the start time for the chain gang is 6:30.

    It has never been 6:30 - at least not for the last 20 years.

    I has always been 6:45.

    As everyone asks me what date it's going to start and to move to the long circuit I presume that this is an oversight rather than a proposed and considered change.

    Would whoever put 6:30 in the calendar please change it to 6:45?


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    NB I have tagged a few relevant threads with 'chain gang' - if you click on the tag at the bottom of the page, they'll all come up.

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    Keep your bib shorts on Tim.
    Click on the link and you will read "leaves 6.45pm".
    I put it on the Google calendar (along with most of the regular rides, road races and time trials - but don't worry, it was a pleasure).
    Forgive my ignorance - but I couldn't see how to get Google calendar to accept anything other than half hour intervals.
    It seems to me that the worst thing that can happen is that some newbies turn up 15 minutes early and get to talk about cycling for a while ....

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    Ok - I am ignorant.
    You just type in the time.
    It now says 6.45pm.

    Digby Symons
    01223 760502

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