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Thread: Ciclos Uno RR - 29th March

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo Robins View Post
    There is another way for Maria and Sue to choose which clubs should get the third rider, and it has more of a claim to fairness to real individual riders. Because it has a reason, it's better than drawing lots.

    The organiser can take account of just how many entries she has received from a club. She can say a bit of a thank you to the clubs who have given her race the most support.

    So when she finds she has to pick eight clubs out of fifteen to provide a third rider she simply ranks the clubs by how many entries they have put in altogether.

    In Maria's race she was only able to offer three rides for every five entries. East London Vélo put in seven entries and we received just two rides. That's very hard on our riders.

    I do support the equal representation rule, but can I ask organisers to remember how disproportionate is the burden already borne by the riders in the larger clubs? You do not have to add to that burden by taking the principle of equal club representation beyond what the rules actually require.

    Organisers have the freedom to use another principle, like the one I have set out, and I would urge them to choose that principle because it's fairer to the people they are rejecting.
    Just because a club puts forward 7 entrants wanting to race rather than the 3 from our club doesn't mean us 3 want to race any less than you 7. If the rules have been applied to select the field and then drawn out of the hat I can't see that thats an issue. Otherwise you are effectively penalising the small clubs who don't get so many riders due to geographical location etc. Maybe another way would have been to select the final places with the clubs putting forawrd riders with the most points but it's all in the past now as the sheet is out.

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    Maria, none of what I write has an ounce of recrimination against you and the specifics of this race, which has been exemplary as everyone has been telling you. Beautiful and fair indeed.

    However under the rules, for your race, equitable representation is defined as being satisfied once you have allocated two riders to each club.

    How you allocate the third rides after that is up to you, and frankly I'm all for leaving organisers a bit of discretion in this. That's why I don't complain about what you have done.

    Essentially the choice you have made is to go beyond the right of each club to equal representation (as defined) by also giving them equal consideration in the allocation of those third rides.

    All I want you to do is to see that this was a choice you made, and it was not mandated by the rules.

    When compared to my suggestion, your method has the effect of increasing the already large numbers of rejections riders in the larger clubs receive. It cranks up the inequality for riders beyond what the rules require. Once organisers realise that they are free to choose a way that is fairer to the riders (real people) rather than fairer to the clubs (abstract entities), why would they want to do this?

    I won't discuss the details of the selection of our people for this race, not because what you have said is not debatable, but because I don't want to get distracted from the general point which really is of wider importance. As I say, I am not complaining about this specific race. What you did is fine, and I think it was based on a misunderstanding of the rules. It's only one ride in one race.
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    We have Hog Hill now, so anyone moaning how do I get enough points to get picked for a race needs to wake up. You will get much fitter from Hog Hill than most ERRL 3rds races, and if you are good enough to win one you won't be a third cat for long!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo Robins View Post
    That's why I don't complain about what you have done...
    Looks like a complaint to me! Hugo, this problem is likely to go away once we're into April. But you're right - organisers do have the discretion to fill the field how they like, withing the rules. The selection criteria are complicated enough as it is, without adding even more clauses and conditions. I don't think there was any misunderstanding of the rules at all.

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