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Thread: Ciclos Uno RR - 29th March

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    Default Ciclos Uno RR - 29th March

    From over 100 entries, the riders selected are:

    1 Rob Jackson Cambridge CC 3
    2 Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC 3
    3 Ashley Cox CC Ashwell 3
    4 Trahern Rayner CC Ashwell 3
    5 Ciaran Baynes Colchester Rovers CC 4
    6 Edmund Spurgeon Colchester Rovers CC 4
    7 Simon Keen Crest CC 3
    8 Ian Samuel Crest CC 3
    9 Robert Samuel Crest CC 4J
    10 Trevor Holmes Diss & district 3
    11 Richard Dunnett Diss & district 4
    12 Christopher Baldwin Eagle RC 3
    13 David Farrow Eagle RC 3
    14 Darren Cainey East London Velo 3
    15 Robert Windsor East London Velo 3
    16 Nicholas Hastler Essex Roads CC 3
    17 Colin Wilgress Essex Roads CC 3
    18 David Brown Essex Roads CC 4
    19 Nick Faint Finchley RT 3
    20 Daryl Gannon Finchley RT 3
    21 Dermot Kealey Finchley RT 3
    22 Neal Marrin Finsbury Park CC 3
    23 Gray Turnock Finsbury Park CC 3
    24 Brad Lamb Glade 3
    25 Mark Porter Glade 3
    26 Keith Gross Glendene 3
    27 Colin Mannakee Glendene 3
    28 Philip Thomerson Glendene 4
    29 Tom Castle Ipswich BC 3J
    30 Tom Stephenson Ipswich BC 3
    31 Daniel Zagni Ipswich BC 3
    32 Jason Evans Lea Valley CC 3
    33 Trevor Whittock Lea Valley CC 3
    34 Sean Sumner Lotto Olympia Team Interbike 3
    35 Martin Orpen Lotto Olympia Team Interbike 4
    36 Hamish Hore Maldon & District CC 3J
    37 James Conway MPCC 3
    38 Daniel Smith MPCC 3
    39 Jonathan Appleby North Road CC 3
    40 Dean Lubin PCA Ciclos Uno 4
    41 Brad Pearman Redbridge CC 3
    42 Mark Howard Shaftesbury CC 3
    43 Daniel Scott Shaftesbury CC 3
    44 Adrian Ward Shaftesbury CC 3
    45 Peter Humphreys Southend Wheelers 3
    46 George Pearl Southend Wheelers 3J
    47 Graham Pearl Southend Wheelers 4
    48 Tom Caldwell St Ives CC 3
    49 Alan Moules St Ives CC 3
    50 Kristian Mobbs Stowmarket & Dist CC 4
    51 Gavin Moore Stowmarket & Dist CC 4
    52 Simon Asher VC Baracchi 3
    53 Nick Esser VC Baracchi 3
    54 Liam Gentry VC Baracchi 3
    55 Kevin Woodruff VC Norwich 3
    56 Richard Norris VC Revolution 3
    57 Brett Travers VC Revolution 3
    58 Vincent Davison Victoria CC 3
    59 Paul Vann Victoria CC 3
    60 Ben Brown Whitewebbs 3
    61 Mark Steers Hainault RC 4
    62 Christian Spencer-Davies Private 3
    63 Alex Christians London Phoenix 3
    64 Chris Hughes Cambridge CC 3J
    65 Gonzalo Rodriguez East London Velo 4
    66 Ben Wright VC Revolution 3
    67 Pete Constable Lotto Olympia Team Interbike 3
    68 Paul Barrett MPCC 4
    69 Richard Fraczek Essex Roads CC 4
    70 Piers Brown Finchley RT 3
    71 Ralph Mullan Shaftesbury CC 4
    72 Greg Andrews Lotto Olympia Team Interbike 4
    73 Eric Gowland Cambridge CC 3
    74 Simon Beeforth VC Revolution 4
    75 Hugo Robins East London Velo 3

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    Well done to Maria for getting so many entries. Of the 25+ who had entries returned, how many 3rd cats thought of asking if it was possible to get a ride in the Dengie Marshes Tour ? There are still a few place available for E.O.L. The rider list will be issued shortly, to be followed by the posting of the programme. All received entries have been notified by ( e-mail / post ) of their acceptance.

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    I think you may get one or two from our club Roz. I'm kicking myself now, as I was torn between a kicking in your Classic, or a gentler start to my season. I should have gone for the kicking, as my odds don't look good at 13th reserve.

    I don't envy Maria - she's probably had 30ish irate responses from riders she's had to turn down. I've seen a couple of her replies to those however, and she gets extra credit for taking the time to respond, and doing so in a very level headed and helpful manner, explaining clearly the process she has applied. As far as I can see she's followed the ERRL selection rules to the letter. A model organiser!

    Now, with my club racing secretary hat on, I've got a number of riders feeling a little hard done by as they didn't get a ride. We're a larger club than most, so when the ERRL rules for field selection kick in (like they have here) we tend to feel it first - more than one of our guys has expressed feeling a little punished just for being part of a large club.

    I can't really think of an alternative that would be any more fair though. I'm hoping that things will play out like last year, where the first few REG B events were over subscribed, but things soon settled down and most everyone who entered was getting a start.

    And, of course, there's almost always room in the REG A and NAT B events.
    Go Canada!


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    Thanks for your support, it is much appreciated!


    PS - you never know, 13 may be your lucky number - the clocks do change!

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    I can confirm that my , reg B 3,4 is /has burst at the seams,I already have too many entries,and some clubs have as many as 6 riders trying to enter, as you said Maria has done a great job, (and where do I get that information from to do the same? please ) but what about all the riders she/ I have to turn away. I read somewhere it would be a good idea to contact club RR sec, and that person allocates each club member a ride in the RR's throughout the year. This seams to me a much nicer/fairer way.But not correct.
    perhaps, in my case I suppose most of the extra riders could ride the Nat B instead.
    As I understand, its 1 rider per club, then again, and again.But it needs to be preference of points,as long as its before close date, postal date preference doesn't count. it doesn't matter how many races in the last weeks you have been succesful, in getting into.please ,can someone put me right on this. please . I 'd rather ask now than later !
    sue wood . maldon and district cc

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    Default ERRL Rule 12 for field selection

    These are the rules as per the Website .The basic principle is Equal representation for all member clubs the best riders are to be taken from each Club unless a team is submitted by their racing sec.

    12. Field Selection
    a) Non Member Clubs may be represented in League Races, but never at the expense of any League Members who enter by the normal three weeks closing date. The selection of entrants for League races should allow for the equitable representation of all member clubs (as detailed in section d. below).
    b) Where an event is undersubscribed on the closing date promoting clubs may complete the Race Start Sheet with further entries from their own or other Member Clubs and then entries from 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Junior Category riders from non Member Clubs.
    c) Race competitors will be categorised as per their racing licence on all start sheets.
    d) For Regional events: In the event of a full Field of ERRL riders, equal representation to be enforced i.e. to select the field one rider taken from each ERRL club in turn then second rider etc. until field is full. Riders from each club are to be selected according to Licence points (as indicated on entry forms) unless otherwise specified by the club secretary of riders' club.

    Phil Whitehorn Gen sec.

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    Thanks Phil, that was the bit I knew about, I thought there was a magic trick, so I don't upset too many riders. lol

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    the rules above don't explain what happens after say all clubs have got 2 riders and there are still a few places left. Which clubs get those places?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gray View Post
    the rules above don't explain what happens after say all clubs have got 2 riders and there are still a few places left. Which clubs get those places?
    I think that's up to the organisers discretion, and I'd like to think that the riders of higher category or better results would get the places.

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    Hi all,

    We have already answered a few emails along the lines of Gray's posting. So, to let the rest of you know, here's how we did it!

    We had entries from 29 different league clubs. After giving all clubs 2 starting places (if we had at least 2 entries of course), 52 places were taken up. This left us with 15 clubs (who had entered 3 or more ridrers) in the mix for only 8 remaining places.

    Our consideration was that those 15 clubs all had an equal right to get 3 riders in the race (bearing in mind the ERRL rule about enforcing equal club representation)

    As such, the fairest method we could think of was to put all 15 club names in a hat and the the first 8 that were drawn got the 3rd starting place.

    Once we had worked out how many places each club had, we allocated the riders to each clubs places according to their licence point ranking.


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