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Thread: Clarification: Introduction Posts

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    well, yes a bit of both - been with ccc for some years; wanted to reply to the odd post, so have registered again and will await chris b's approval to speak further!

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    Looking forward to joining the discussion!

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    Hi, Andrew here...

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    Hey - new joiner with CCC. Looking to race TT's and road/crits.

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    Hi, new member recently joined CCC

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    Hello I'm Ivan. I like to ride my bicycle.

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    Hello I'm James. I like to ride my bicycle just like Ivan. Joking apart ive been cycling for a while now and would like to get into racing at a competitive level. Thus would like to chat with ppl, Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, I'm new on the forum, am a member of the Cambridge Cycling Club, and would like to post to their group please!

    Thanks, Alan

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    Cool Introduction

    I am Len and have just taken over as ERRL treasurer and for the first time have started to organiser a road race on behalf of my club Essex Roads CC

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    Thought it was time to register on the forum. Hello everyone.

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