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    I rode the Diss 25 classic bikes event this morning finishing 2nd, 1 second behind time trial legend Martin Pyne (I shouldn't have waved to my parents who put in a surprise appearence out on the course!).

    Not content with the insanity of riding a tri-spoke and disc in the Good Friday 10 at Bungay in 30mph cross winds I set off in the blizzard with only a skinsuit, some arm and leg warmers and 10% body fat. The road was deep in slush and snow and in some parts it was difficult to see where the road was exactly.

    I've always wondered how climbers die from not being able to put their gloves on etc. in the cold, now I know I hope never to be that cold again, if I'd been out there 15 minutes longer I couldn't have got into my own car, as it was it took me half and hour to get out of my sodden kit by which time my car was also sodden and another hour to stop shaking convulsively.

    So a good weekend of fun then.
    On the plus side we do have 3 extremly large snowmen in the garden one of whom even has a Gonzo nose
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    I'm impressed or something. I admit I did leave the house at 8:45 to go to Addenbrookes but on discovering the Milton road hadn't melted yet, did a U'ey and spent the day in front of the fire. The cat agreed.

    Glad I did 100 on Fri, at least it was sunny and warm, not sure about tomorrow for the Bishops Stortford, 7am, -2, hmm

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