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Thread: Paul Simon Homes Road Race - Calling Nigel

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    Default Paul Simon Homes Road Race - Calling Nigel

    Hi Nigel,

    Looks like we're in:

    Any chance of a lift please?

    Cheers, -Rob

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    Hi Rob,

    I can give you a lift down, but I'm heading straight for Canterbury (or some other suitable vantage point) immediately after the race.

    Any good?


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    Hi Nigel,

    That could be pretty cool if you don't mind me coming along. Do you still plan to come back to Cambridge or thereabouts on Sunday?

    Cheers, -Rob

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    Rob, just checking that you received my PM. I can only take you down to the race unfortunately.


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    Hi Nigel, yep just read it. No worries, will investigate getting train back as I think Oli is staying down at the weekend.

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