I've been doing the chaingang since 1990 so what follows is based on more than a season or two of experience.

Keen-ness and eagerness to start (both the chaingang itself and the long route) varies from year to year and is often weather dependant. It's also usually based on positive memories - we all think back to the good evenings, not the damp, grey wet ones. So far this year we've been very lucky - four perfect evenings.

During the spring the amount of light is affected by both the sunset time and the cloud cover. This week the official sunset time will be 8:45 - and I don't get home till after nine from the long route. If the sky is clear we'd get round the long route fine and only those with another 15 or 20 mins to get home would still be out when it really gets dark. If the skies are cloudy, like today (Monday), visibility will be pretty poor by the time we finish if we do the long route.

Personally I suggest that we make a call just before we set off - after we see what the weather is like.

Suggestions that we 'ride hard to get back earlier' (Biggsy!) kinda miss the point - isn't that what we are supposed to be doing anyway?

So, Dan, bring your lights and weigh out enough calories to get you round the long route and then you'll be fine if we do it (and won't put on too much extra weight if we don't :roll: )

Finally, on the groups front, we do now have two groups. Rather than trying to decide who has to go in each, however, there is simply a re-grouping at the Cement Works on the short route (in Thriplow on the long route). This is being driven by Triathlon Club folk but anyone is welcome to join in. This has led to a sizeable second group each week so far.