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    Default Event Classification - Maximum Distances

    I notice in the handbook that for a Regional B event the maximum distance is 90km for a single day event, minimum time of 40 minutes for a circuit event.

    My Eagle RC Road Race is 100k, and I notice various other events are over the maximum distance, does that mean the events are classed as 'circuit races'?

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    I think you have to reduce the race to less than 100km so one less lap.

    Otherwise you will have to upgrade to Regional A and allow 2nd cats

    Not sure what will happen if you run it as Reg B and 100km+. I presume the ranking points will only be given for the top 10
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    This restriction on race length has actually been in place for 3rd Cat races for a year or two already. Everyone has just been ignoring it and carrying on as before, as far as I can see.

    When I noticed it I did try and find out what the rationale for it could possible be:

    Safety - 3rd cats get too tired to concentrate over the longer races? But why let them ride the longer races with 2nds and 1sts, if that's the worry.

    Rewards the "wrong" qualities - you end up with 2nd Cats whose only strength is endurance?

    I think the real reason is that they were trying to stop people getting a raft of points out of a single long race that would take them through 3rd Cat too quickly. With the new race classifications that wouldn't happen and the rule would be better off being scrapped.

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