Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening we have sadly now suspended all activities and events in England until further notice. We know that this news will come as a disappointment to many of you, however it’s important that we now once again pull together to ensure that cycling plays its part in bringing the virus under control. Getting out on our bikes is a great way to boost our mental and physical health and we’ll be working hard to keep you pedalling.

Our full FAQs page can be viewed here, however we’ve pulled out some key points for you and your role below:

How can I continue to ride?

Under the new restrictions you are permitted to cycle, and we would encourage you to do so, while following these rules:

  • You should only ride alone, with your household/support bubble or one other person.
  • Stay local, ride within your limits and ensure you are self-sufficient.
  • Leave the house to exercise only once each day.
  • Keep a safe distance from others and practice good respiratory hygiene (ie. no spitting, use a tissue).
  • You can only leave your home to exercise, and not for the purpose of leisure (such as a picnic or a coffee break).
  • You can travel a short distance within your area to exercise if necessary (ie. to access an open space).

Under the new restrictions, elite sport and organised outdoor sport for disabled people are both exempt. However, due to restrictions on facility access organised activity for disabled riders will be limited by the availability of a suitable location for it to take place.

What do you mean by local?

We know many of you will want to know what is meant by 'staying local'. The Government’s definition of this is stated as ‘your village, town or the part of a city where you live’.

We understand that this definition is particularly restrictive for cycling, and we are working to seek further clarification on this. We will provide a further update as soon as we are able.

In the meantime, we recommend that you follow the advice to stay local, ride well within your ability and ensure that you are self-sufficient.

What support is available for event organisers?

This new lockdown will be incredibly disappointing for event organisers, and our Events team is now working hard to provide support for those with events due to take place over the coming weeks.

At this stage we have cancelled all events until Monday 1 February, and will provide a further update on this in due course. A separate FAQs page for event organisers covering registration fees, refunds and insurance can be found here.

If you have any questions, our team can also be contacted by email at

Information for recreation programme volunteers

We know that many of our volunteers will have rides scheduled on the Let’s Ride website, and we want to give you the opportunity to reschedule these to save you having to re-upload the details at a later date.

We are asking that you reschedule your rides by 9:00am on Friday 8 January, after which point they will be removed from the website by our team. While we do not yet know when programme activity will be able to resume, the Prime Minister has indicated that the current restrictions will remain in place until mid-February at the earliest.

You can still challenge yourself to get out on your bike and exercise with our #LetsRideThroughWinter incentive and a variety of personal bike ride challenges to take part in.

If you have any questions please email, or Thank you for your patience and ongoing support, and we look forward to resuming activity as soon as we are able.