Eastern Road Race League AGM report 2019

The Annual Report was accepted.

The Financial Report was accepted.

The question and answer session was preceded by the following background of the ERRL by the Chairman:

The ERRL was started in the 1970's as the Essex League, it provided races for lower category riders, this was before Regional and National events and when there were only 1st, 2nd and 3rd category riders plus juniors.

When BC combined the old Divisions into a Region, the League changed its name to the Eastern League to fall in line with BC.

We have over the years since then amended our Rules to suit requests from BC Eastern, first by including Elite and 1st cats riders as the Region was concerned there were too few National events.

Then to include that all our member clubs should provide a BC Official, this was before Accredited Marshals, then for us to include Accredited Marshals and Commissaires, later for us to drop the Commissaires as at that time they had enough. Every time we have been requested to amend our rules we have done so.

The only thing they have done for us is to agree the 40% Rule for National events when HQ said they would drop the points band if we continued to give preference to our members.

Over the years since I have been Chairman I have worked closely with BC HQ making sure our events fully explain to riders our selection process, they have on many occasions informed me they use our events to show others how events should be run and how they held us in high esteem.

I also worked with Ian to come up with his selection criteria in hopes this would enable the League to run alongside the New League. Then like every good Christian I turned to the Bible in this case the BC Handbook and the Regulations.

I have two questions to ask.

1. The BC Regulations state a Road Race League is a collection of clubs associated together to promote road races for their members. As we have done everything we have been asked over the years to accommodate the Region, can the League have dispensation from their selection Rules.

2. What action will be taken against organisers who fail to implement their selection rules if no dispensation is given. Keeping in mind BC Regulations state an organiser may reject any entry and another which states Open Events are for all members and licence holders of the Federation, no mention of preference to Region and junior riders.

The question of dispensation of the BC Selection Rule will be taken back to the Eastern Region Board, that is the reason the Amendments to Rule 11 and 11a failed, it was felt that to amend these Rules may prove not to be required.

Explanations and discussions took place, we were informed their Competition was not a League.

The Amendment to suspend the League. FAILED

The AGM then continued as per the Agenda.

Election of Officers and Committee
The Committee and Officers are as follows: Chairman - Joan Potts, Secretary - Margaret Hargreaves, Treasurer - Len Gordon, Committee - Malcolm Hargreaves, Stephen Messenger, Peter Richardson and Darren Steward.

The Website Administrator - Chris Brooking
Auditor - Chris Thornton

The Amendment to Rule 7. Was amended to remove all dates on the suggestion of the RCA, as to include all events BC Eastern may have to go outside their recommended dates, the amended Rule. PASSED

The Amendment to replace Rule 11a, to delete the ERRL selection Rule. FAILED

The Amendment to add new Rule 11a. FAILED

The Amendment to Rule 14b to make all events for the Individual Championship as per BC Band 3 points. PASSED

The proposal from East London Velo to include a Women's League requiring Rules 2 and 14b to be amended. PASSED

All the events were agreed by those present. Kings Lynn CC event will be on 22nd March. There are still a few events to be registered and confirmed by BC Eastern.

North Road CC were selected to promote the Circuit Race Championship on 25th May 2020.

It was agreed the location of the 2020 AGM would be selected by the Committee.

All those who have not paid their Annual Subscription of £15 please complete a renewal form which you will be sent and follow the instructions on the form. If you do not have a form please email me and I will send you one.