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    Default AGM Agenda 2019

    1.30pm for 2.00pm Saturday 23rd November 2019
    Chelmer CC Clubroom, Meteor Way, Chelmsford CM1 2RL

    1 Apologies for absence

    2 Approve minutes of 2018 Annual General Meeting

    3 Annual Report
    There were 38 affiliated clubs/teams this season compared to 41 in 2018. Clubs were due to promote 42 events, two of these being circuit races. Seven events were cancelled. Two were re-scheduled at Hog Hill. The cancellations were due to road works, a clash with a Young Farmers Show, flooding and lack of entries.

    During the 2019 season 37 events went ahead, as against 39 in 2018. 104 members gained points compared with 129 in 2018. 29 clubs gained points compared with 34 in 2018.

    North Road CC promoted the ERRL Circuit Race Championship within their event at Hog Hill.

    There were no complaints concerning field selection.

    Again there were some difficulties booking Accredited Marshals. All the clubs now have Accredited Marshals and many thanks to Ian Doe for running the training courses.

    There were still a few problems with payment of race entry fees failing on the BC online entry system.

    There have been less full fields of ERRL riders in the Regional events, but the 40% rule has been used in the National events.

    We would like to congratulate all the prize winners and wish you a safe and successful 2020. Will prize winners please make an effort to attend the AGM to collect their awards, or send a club member to collect them on their behalf.

    It is with regret that we inform you of the possibility of the ERRL being suspended for 2020 due to the formation of a new BC Eastern League; details of which you can find on the ERRL Forum and your 2019 organiser will have been sent them by the RCA. If it is your wish for
    the ERRL to continue alongside the Eastern League, then make sure you send a delegate to the AGM.

    Joan Potts
    Margaret Hargreaves

    4. Treasurer’s Report

    5. Question & Answer Session with Ian Doe re New BC Eastern League

    6. Proposal
    To suspend The ERRL for the 2020 season but retain the Officers and Committee Members in the event of reinstatement of the League
    for 2021.
    NOTE: If this item is passed will we omit the following items and go straight to item 13.

    7. Election of Officers
    Chairman – Currently Joan Potts
    Secretary - Currently Margaret Hargreaves
    Treasurer – Currently Leonard Gordon

    8. Election of the Committee (Up to 4 ex officio)
    Present Committee (includes Officers as above)
    David Hales (VC Revolution),
    Darren Steward (Maldon and District CC)
    Malcolm Hargreaves (Colchester Rovers CC)
    Peter Richardson (London Phoenix CC)

    9. Appointments
    Website Administrator (Chris Brooking)
    Auditor (at present Chris Thornton)
    Note: These are not members of the committee.

    10. Proposed ERRL Rule Changes
    Proposals by the Committee

    Item 3 - Rule 7 Remove the words in the 4th line "the first week in March to the third week in October" and replace with "1st March to 30th September"; and remove the words "The league may make reasonable requests to organisers to change the dates of events to avoid clashes with other ERRL event." and remove the last sentence "In order to facilitate a proper distribution of racing for all categories the League reserves
    the right to suggest the categories of races promoted by its constituent clubs."

    Rule 11 Remove in it's entirety and replace with "Field selection as per the BC Eastern Region League selection process."
    Add new Rule 11a Any rider from a member club who enters an ERRL event and finds another rider has been given preferential entry contrary to the BC Eastern Selection process they should notify the management committee who will decide appropriate punishment of the promoting club. (This could mean suspension from the League as per Rule 12)

    Item 4 - Rule 14b Remove the words "as per the present BC Competition framework" and replace with "as per BC Band 3 Points Schedule".
    Note: This will give 3rd and 4th cat riders a better chance of higher points in the Individual ERRL Points League.

    Item 5 - Proposal by East London Velo
    Note: The following proposal is to include a Women's League for events run by member clubs who run a Women's event the same day as their National or Regional event. To be voted on block.

    Rule 2. Add after the words "Women only event" the words "on the same day".

    Rule 14 b. Delete and replace with "The Individual Championship for Men and Women riders will be awarded points as per the present BC Competition framework. In addition the first three male and female riders overall will receive 1st £100, 2nd £75 & 3rd £50 plus medals."
    Note: to allow this to work without any changes to the website the women will be included in the overall Individual Points List and the first three women will be taken from the list.

    11. Confirm Road Program for 2020

    12. Select a Circuit Race for the ERRL 2020 Championship

    13. Agree location for 2020 AGM

    14. Prize Presentation

    ERRL Team Champions 2019
    STRADA-SPORT (Win Team Shield)
    11 riders scoring 309 points. Seb Herrod, Benjamin Beynon, Tiago Fougo, Oliver Wood, Thomas Heal, Jake Towler, Ben Howell, Matthew Watts, Peter Fuller, Calvert Churchill and Sam Yates

    2nd DAP CC - 8 riders scoring 288 points. Andrew Taylor, Morris Bacon, Mark Richards, Harley Matthews, Freddy Pett, Liam Gentry, Sam Baxter
    and Charles Jones.

    3rd Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich – 6 riders scoring 136 points. Ross Fawcett, Gary Freeman, Robert Staines, Joshua Aiken, Gabriel Fowden and
    Dougal Toms.

    ERRL Overall Road Race Championship 2019
    Position Rider Club/Team Award
    1st Andrew Taylor - 162 Points Cambridge CC Trophy
    2nd Seb Herrod – 159 Points Strada - Sport Silver Medal
    2nd Morris Bacon – 159 Points DAP CC Silver Medal

    ERRL Circuit Race Championship 2019
    Promoted by North Road CC

    Position Rider Club/Team Award

    1st Mark Richards DAP CC Trophy
    2nd Colin Ward Essex Roads CC Silver Medal
    3rd Martin Smith London Phoenix CC Bronze Medal

    15. Any Other Competent Business

    16. Close Meeting
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    Joan Potts

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    Default Item 6---- proposal

    Just wondering if there has been any discussions between clubs on this issue ?

    Is there a general consensus of opinion regarding this proposal ?

    Do you want to be in a region without a road race specific league ?

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    I have asked some clubs if they want the ERRL to continue and all have said they do. How it is to continue is up to the members.

    I would imagine there will be some discussion on the new BC league tomorrow at the date fixing meeting.

    A lot of riders and officials have said they are not cared about the BC league, they ride because they want to and the officials do it for the love of the sport.
    Joan Potts

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    Well if I had a vote it would be to keep the league going , fingers crossed

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    Hi Joan,

    Are there any minutes/notes from the meeting last weekend regarding the new Eastern Region plans that we are able to read in case we missed anything?

    Many thanks,

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    Hi Steven,

    The new League was not mentioned at the meeting, I was waiting for someone to bring it up because I had some comments to make, but did not want to bring it up myself.

    I did give a statement to the RCA who will be attending our meeting.
    Joan Potts

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