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    Default AGM Notice 2019

    Notice of 2019
    Eastern Road Race League Annual General Meeting

    The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Chelmer CC Club Room, Meteor Way,
    Chelmsford, CM1 2RL.

    Saturday 23rdth November 2019 1.30pm for 2.00pm

    Items for the agenda and applications for membership must be sent to the Secretary by Saturday 30th October 2019.

    BC Eastern Region are starting a club/team league in 2020; the basic details can be obtained from me.

    To enable the ERRL to continue in line with the new league significant amendments to ERRL rules will be required. These proposed rule changes will be posted on the Forum at a later date together with the BC Eastern League requirements for road and circuit events.

    Please do not pay your ERRL membership fee until after the AGM, because if the rule changes are not accepted by the delegates at the AGM the ERRL will have to be suspended until a solution can be found.

    Margaret Hargreaves
    Colchester Rovers CC
    Secretary ERRL
    Joan Potts

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    Eastern Region Competition League


    To allow all genders and ages to contribute to their club/teams success

    To value the work of volunteers

    To give a reason to be a member of a club/team

    To get clubs/teams to focus on attracting new members

    To recognise the club/teams providing cycling opportunities for the benefit of their region.

    The Plan Going Forward

    In 2020 the league will run for all Circuit, Road and Track events both competitive and coaching run in the Eastern Region

    In 2021 it will encompass all disciplines and will also cover both competition and coaching

    The reason for this is purely the logistics and admin, we need to get it right and I think we can do this by the staggered implementation.

    How it will work

    The League will be open to all clubs, teams and associations registered in the Eastern Region

    Like any league, points will be awarded, but in this case it will not just be for those who ride, points will also be earned by volunteer activity

    Events will give priority to Eastern Riders, especially Juniors (when allowed) with a 40% reserved field in National B races, no other priorities will be allowed.

    Volunteers will be rewarded for work done in the Eastern Region.

    How to gain points

    Running events, for every event run the club/team will be rewarded (subject to proper calendar planning). Clubs can combine to run events and share the points

    Club Coaches running club clusters, RSR’s Development centres. School holiday projects

    Officials (Commissaires, Referees, AM’s) in the club will be rewarded at every event they work on in the Eastern region.

    Any rider pre-entering an Eastern Region event will generate points. (No points for entry on the day)

    Any rider finishing the race will be rewarded on a sliding scale (more points for a win) An U8’s win will be as much value as an Elites win.

    The Hopeful Outcome

    To get more riders

    To get more officials

    To get people to join clubs and teams

    To encourage riders to pre enter

    To get small organisations to join together and promote or assist

    To recognise the efforts of all involved

    An ongoing news item for the region on which people can focus

    The Reward

    Something for the club, this could be a session at the Velodrome or help with equipment for coaching, but it must benefit all in the club

    So a bit TBC

    A glitter ball

    You have the choice of the event you want to run

    The Rules (TBC)

    No League registration fee

    League runs from 1st January to 31st December

    Club or team must be registered by 1st Feb ?

    Events must be registered in a timely manor

    If a rider or official changes club/team points are not transferable

    Only one change in a year (accept under extreme circumstances)

    Points only awarded for activity within the Eastern Region

    The regional boards decision is final

    The Challenges

    Accurate data

    The time it will take to update
    Joan Potts

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    Hi Joan,

    As you mention the above plans will have a massive impact to the ERRL if it were indeed to continue. Do you or the League have any thoughts on potention changes, options or directions to think about in preparation for the AGM? There is obviously a lot to discuss here so it would be handy to have some focus points. Specifically I wondered what your thoughts were in terms of race organisation, entry prioritisation and how to ensure a sufficient number of races if the current league rules were no more. Also do the BC rules rules allow for us to still apply an additional layer of ERRL rules over and above those in the new proposals?

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    On a side note, the day of the AGM falls on both mine and Matt Cowan's (PCH representatives for some of the previous AGMs) birthdays, so we will be unable to attend. Please accept our apologies for absense in advance but I will endeavoured to find an alternative attendee. I will pass on any thoughts or discussion points in advance if we have any.

    Many thanks,

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    Hi Steve,

    The new Eastern Rules are below. Eastern have requested we replace our selection rule with theirs and remove the need for clubs/teams to provide an Accredited Marshal.

    It will mean that ERRL riders will no longer get preference, but as numbers are decreasing we have not had to impose that rule hardly at all this year except for a few National B events, most Regional events did not have a full field of ERRL riders.

    If you or anyone else has any feedback or suggestions for the new league please send them to:


    1. The league is open to any club, team or association registered with British Cycling Eastern by the 31st January

    2. The competition will only count for events held within the BC Eastern region, an event will be a race of any category or a coaching session

    3. Only riders and officials (event organiser, commissaire, referee, accredited marshal, NEG, BC registered coach) that hold British Cycling membership within the BC Eastern Region will gain points when competing, officiating or running an event held within the BC Eastern region

    4. The league will run from 1st January to 31st December of each year

    5. All competition events must be registered a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the start date to allow everyone a fair opportunity to enter

    6. The closing date for all competition events will be 2 weeks for a road race, and 3 days for a circuit and track event prior to the start date

    7. Priority entry for races will be given to Eastern riders, with preference to Eastern Juniors where allowed by BC tech regulations

    8. Only 40% of the field in a National B will have an Eastern priority to enable a higher level of racing

    9. If a field selection has to be made, there will be no more than 3 riders from 1 club/team allowed, the selection will be made based on points from the current year and the previous year, if the maximum number of entries is not made the 3 rider limit can be ignored

    10. Reserves are selected at the discretion of the organiser

    11. Points for the league will be awarded in the following way:
    a. Organising a race (clubs/teams can combine to run events and the points will be shared)
    b. Running a coaching session that has been advised to the Regional Clubs and Coaching Officer
    c. Any club/team member who is registered with BC HQ as an official (see rule 3)
    d. Anytime the official is active in an event (competition or coaching) held within the BC Eastern region
    e. A rider pre-entering a race on the BC entry management system
    f. A rider finishing a race.

    12. The level of points to be awarded will be published prior to the start of the year and no change will be made during that period

    13. If a rider or official changes club/team during the year (see rule 4) any points gained WILL NOT transfer to their new club/team, and only 1 change will be allowed each year

    14. The prizes awarded will have to benefit all members of the club/team the list of awards will be published prior to the start of the league

    15. The decision of the Eastern Region Board is final.
    Joan Potts

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    Hi Joan,

    I understand with the reduction in entries that the selection fields have seldom been used this year but if the new Eastern selection rules replace the ERRL ones what is the incentive to be in the ERRL, riders would get preferential entry just by being in an eastern club and their club wouldn't have to put on a race.

    Why would new clubs join the ERRL and wouldn't some leave given the large undertaking a road race is to organise. As both an organiser and rider of the ERRL road races this to me would seem to impact negatively on them at a time where participation seems to be slowing anyway.


    Steve (ELV)

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    Hi Steve,

    I agree with your comments.

    The only incentive to be in the ERRL is for the points competitions for individual riders and clubs/teams. The new BC League is not for riders just clubs/teams.

    If the delegates at our AGM do not agree our rule changes then the ERRL will be suspended for 2020. It is up to the clubs/teams to make sure their delegates vote the way they want them to.

    If the ERRL is suspended there will possibly be less events in Eastern Region for the reasons you stated. Even if the ERRL continues there may still be less events with clubs failing to continue in the league.

    It could be BC's loss, but that is the risk they have decided to take.
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    Joan Potts

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