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Thread: AGM Notice 2019

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    For what my opinion is worth I believe a league is a competition won by the efforts of team competitors, they compete to win whatever sport it is , football rugby, hockey etc cycling is no different .
    It is not won by the amount of people stopping traffic or clearing up ! If BC want to do an all inclusive league fine , but the ERRL is a rider / team based objective and without a prize / prestige at the end of season why would race specific teams enter or put on a race , I may criticise the ERRL at times for being a bit slow in updating things but I do support the principle of a race league . It would be a real shame for there to be no ERRL

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    Thanks Joan.

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    Thanks Pat,

    Ian Doe will be at the ERRL AGM to answer questions before we make any changes to our rules. I suggest that if you and anyone else are passionate about the continuation of the ERRL, then please attend the BC Date Fixing Meeting and the ERRL AGM to express your views.
    Joan Potts

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