Good Afternoon All,

Please see below start sheet for this Sundays Road Race.

1 Jack Brown 2nd ActiveEdge Race Team
2 Liam Fenner 2nd API-Metrow/Bodyby JR
3 Sean Dunlea 3rd Bloodwise QSW
4 Andy Bathe 2nd Cambridge CC
5 Alfie Kennard 2nd Cambridge CC
6 Bjorn Krylander 3rd Cambridge CC
7 Craig Rogers 2nd Cambridge University CC
8 Daryl Maffey 2nd CC London
9 Martin Canes 3rd Chelmer CC
10 Colin Peck 2nd Chelmer CC
11 Ryan Savage 2nd Crest Cycling Club
12 Kieran Jarvis 2nd Cycle Team OnForm
13 Aaron Stone 3rd Cycle Team OnForm
14 Jamie Wimborne 2nd Cycle Team OnForm
15 Thomas Wright 3rd Cycle Team OnForm
16 Vincent Christan 3rd East London Velo
17 Stephen Messenger 3rd East London Velo
18 Joshua Lawless 2nd Elitecycling
19 Simon Higgs 3rd Essex Roads CC
20 Gene Peterson 4th Essex Roads CC
21 Simon Robinson 2nd Fietsen Tempo
22 George Olive 3rd Finchley Racing Team
23 Neil Pearson 2nd Gemini BC
24 Philip Large 3rd Iceni Velo
25 Jordan Calcutt 2nd Islington Cycling Club
26 Samuel Asker 2nd Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
27 Max Bolton 2nd Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
28 Harrison Mayo 2nd Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
29 Martin Smith 2nd London Phoenix CC
30 William Green 3rd Maldon & District CC
31 Harry Wood 2nd Maldon & District CC
32 James Moss 2nd Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT
33 Timothy Holmes 2nd OCTAVE
34 Chris Crabtree 2nd Orwell Velo
35 Matthew Day 3rd Orwell Velo
36 Robert Staines 2nd Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
37 Toby Parnell 2nd Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
38 Thomas Willan 2nd Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
39 Thomas Battrum 2nd Rapha Cycling Club
40 Ian Hope 2nd WOLFE CC
41 Jeremy Perks 2nd Rapha Cycling Club
42 Benjamin Ryder 2nd Rapha Cycling Club
43 Chris Ware 2nd Rapha Cycling Club
44 Lukasz Szeloch 3rd Redbridge CC
45 Lubomir Belak 3rd St Ives CC
46 Benjamin Beynon 2nd Strada-Sport
47 Seb Herrod 2nd Strada-Sport
48 Jake Towler 2nd Strada-Sport
49 Matthew Watts 3rd Strada-Sport
50 Oliver Wood 2nd Strada-Sport
51 James Dent 2nd Team PB Performance
52 Tom Stokes 2nd Team PB Performance
53 David Dalrymple 2nd The 5th Floor Cycle Club
54 Thomas Griffiths 2nd The 5th Floor Cycle Club
55 Matthew Carter 2nd Velo Schils - Interbike RT
56 Dale Johnston 2nd Velo Schils - Interbike RT
57 Leighton Oxley-Crisp 2nd Velo Schils - Interbike RT
58 Ian Perry 2nd Velo Schils - Interbike RT
59 Tom Rowson 2nd Velo Schils - Interbike RT
60 Mark Barningham 2nd ViCiOUS VELO

61 Aidan Kerrigan 3rd Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
62 Max Wilkins 3rd Barking & Dagenham CC
63 Alexander Davis 4th Lea Valley CC
64 Paul Ransom 3rd Velo Club Venta
65 Steve Noel 3rd
66 Elliot Fullerton 3rd Bloodwise QSW
67 Thomas Barningham 3rd ViCiOUS VELO
68 Brad Lamb 3rd Victoria Cycling Club
69 Ian Edwards 4th Stevenage CC