Start List:

Yaroslav Alekseyev Independent 4th
Kevin Attreed Glendene CC 3rd
Corey Bale Cycle Team OnForm 2nd
Mark Barningham ViCiOUS VELO 2nd
Thomas Barningham ViCiOUS VELO 3rd
Thomas Battrum Rapha Cycling Club 2nd
Lubomir Belak St Ives CC 3rd
Benjamin Beynon Strada-Sport 2nd
Jonny Bodey Cambridge University CC 3rd
Luke Boyton Independent 4th
Jordan Calcutt Islington Cycling Club 2nd
Calvin Cheung Hub Velo 2nd
Neil Coyte 6AM Cycling 3rd
Chris Crabtree Orwell Velo 2nd
Clay Davies GPN builders-Rock and Road Bikes 2nd
Andrew Diplock Cambridge CC 4th
Sean Dunlea Bloodwise QSW 3rd
Maximilian Eagle Chelmer CC 3rd
Liam Fenner API-Metrow/Bodyby JR 2nd
Ian Franklin Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team 2nd
Peter Fuller Strada-Sport 3rd
Ross Hallard Rapha Cycling Club 2nd
Adam Hole VC Norwich 3rd
Timothy Holmes OCTAVE 2nd
Ian Hope Rapha Cycling Club 2nd
Kieran Jarvis Cycle Team OnForm 2nd
Louis Julian DAP Cycling Club 3rd
Ben Kenneally ZeroBC 2nd
Thomas King Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 2nd
Caine MacNeil Islington Cycling Club 3rd
Daryl Maffey CC London 2nd
Antoine Magaud Islington Cycling Club 2nd
Chris McGlynn 6AM Cycling 3rd
Sean Meager GPN builders-Rock and Road Bikes 2nd
Stephen Messenger East London Velo 3rd
Toby Miles Finchley Racing Team 3rd
Andrew Morris Team LDN 2nd
James Moss Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT 2nd
Matthew Noble OCTAVE 3rd
David Norman The MI Racing Academy 3rd
Simon Norman Beds Road Race Team 2nd
Toby Parnell Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team 2nd
Colin Peck Chelmer CC 2nd
Gene Peterson Essex Roads CC 4th
Sean Purser St Ives CC 2nd
Christopher Richmond Rapha Cycling Club 2nd
Jonas Rooze Team LDN 3rd
Tom Rowson Velo Schils - Interbike RT 2nd
Connor Rumbles Strada-Sport 2nd
Charles Salt Islington Cycling Club 3rd
Ryan Savage Crest Cycling Club 2nd
Hugh Smith Woolwich CC 2nd
Lukasz Szeloch Redbridge CC 3rd
Jake Towler Strada-Sport 2nd
Nikolas Tsoutsos London Phoenix CC 3rd
Wayne Tunnah Beds Road Race Team 2nd
Chris Ware Rapha Cycling Club 2nd
Matt Watson GPN builders-Rock and Road Bikes 3rd
Oliver Wood Strada-Sport 2nd
SamYates Strada-Sport 3rd


Christopher Thomas East London Velo 3rd
Andy Whale GPN builders-Rock and Road Bikes 2nd

Just a reminder that we extended the entry closing date from March 3rd to 9th. I accepted all 55 entered riders at that point. following discussion with ERRL, the remaining places and reserves were accepted on a first come first served basis between the 3rd and 9th.