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    Default Proposed 2019 Calendar

    These events are still to be confirmed by BC, when they are I will post the completed Calendar on the Forum.

    DATE ToS ERRL EVENTS 2019 CAT Course
    3rd 09:00 Crest CC Spring Road Race Reg A EA164 Wendens Ambo
    10th 08:30 Ike Saul Memorial Road Race 2019 (Cambridge CC) Reg A EA143 Kingston
    17th 09:00 Finchley RT Road Race Reg B EA193 West Hanningfield
    24th 10:00 London Phoenix Road Race Reg A EA151 Rickling
    31st 09:00 DAP Spring Road Race Reg B EA152 Ringsfield
    31st 13:45 DAP Spring Road Race Nat B EA152 Ringsfield
    7th 09:00 Chelmer Road Race Reg B EA130 Birds Green
    7th 09:00 Fast Test Road Race Nat B EA 158 Somersham
    14th 08:30 Essex Roads Spring Road Races Reg B EA133 East Hanningfield
    14th 09:00 Simon Hook Memorial Road Race (API - Metrow/Bodyby JR) Nat B EA 140 Great Saling
    22nd 09:00 CCA Primavera support race (CC Ashwell) Reg A EA187 Elmdon
    28th 09:00 CC London Road Race Reg B EA164 Wendens Ambo
    28th 09:00 St.Ives CC Spring Road Race 2018 Nat B EA163 Upton
    5th 10:00 Iceni Velo Duff Morgan Road Race Reg B EA155 Shotesham
    6th 15:50 West Suffolk Wheelers Ixworth Cycle Races 2019 Reg A Ixworth
    12th 13:30 Pro Cycle Hire Spring Classic Nat B EA151 Rickling
    18th 08:30 Southend Wheelers Andrews Trophy Nat B EA133 East Hanningfield
    19th 08:45 Roxwell Roulleur 234 (East London Velo) Reg B EA130 Birds Green
    26th 14:00 CC Hackney Road Race 2019 Reg A EA141 Great Thurlow
    26th 10:00 Diss CC Summer Road Race (Mens) Reg B EA181 Lopham
    27th 10:00 North Road CC Circuit Races Reg B EA 118 Hog Hill
    27th 11:15 North Road CC Circuit Races Nat B EA 118 Hog Hill
    9th 08:45 Ken Wright Memorial Road Race (VC Revolution) Reg A EA126 Abberton
    22nd 10:00 Velo Club Norwich Mens Summer Road Race Reg A EA196 Croxton
    23rd 09:00 Islington Cycling Club Road Race Reg A EA149 Radwinter
    7th 09:30 Ipswich Bicycle Club Summer Breeze 2019 Reg A EA194 Butley
    14th 08:30 The Kenneth Lush Memorial Road Race (North Road CC) Nat B EA187 Elmdon
    21st 09:00 VC Baracchi Ringsfield Road Race Reg B EA152 Ringsfield
    21st 14:00 Redbridge CC Road Race Nat B EA133 East Hanningfield
    28th 09:00 The Abberton Road Race (Colchester Rovers CC) Reg A EA126 Abberton
    4th 14:00 Bob Whitear Memorial Road Race (StradaSport) Reg A EA155 Shotesham
    11th 09:00 Mid Suffolk Road Race (Stowmarket & Dist. CC) Reg B EA158 Somersham
    11th 08:30 Rapha Cycling Club Road Race Nat B EA164 Wendens Ambo
    18th 09:00 CC Sudbury Road Race Reg B EA131 Bulmer
    25th 09:00 Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich Road Race Reg A EA180 Gosbeck
    1st 14:00 Jef Schils Memorial Road Race 2019 (Velo Schils - Interbike RT) Nat B EA129 Birch/EA126 Abberton
    8th 09:00 Orwell Velo Road Race Reg A EA195 Otley
    15th 09:00 Team OnForm Writtle University College Road Race Reg A EA130 Birds Green
    6th 09:00 Maldon & District CC Road Race Nat B EA160 Steeple
    6th 09:40 Maldon & District CC Road Race Reg B EA160 Steeple
    13th 12:00 Finsbury Park CC Road Race 2019 Reg A EA151 Rickling
    20th 10:00 Kings Lynn Cycling Club Road Race Reg B EA138 Grimston
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