Eastern Road Race League AGM report 2018

Election of Officers and Committee
The Committee and Officers are as follows: Chairman - Joan Potts, Secretary - Margaret Hargreaves, Treasurer - Len Gordon, Committee - Malcolm Hargreaves, David Hales, Peter Richardson & Darren Steward.

The Annual Report was accepted.

The Financial Report was accepted.

The Website Administrator - Chris Brooking
Auditor - Chris Thornton

The Amendment to Rule 3 to set a date for Renewals and the requirement for a renewal form to satisfy GDPR. PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 3 to remove the sentence "Existing Clubs/Teams who are moved to another Region by British Cycling may remain in the League.". PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 6e to change the wording to Appoint a Webmaster. PASSED

To add Rule 6f to appoint an Auditor and re-number the rest. PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 7 to clarify that if a club organises both a Regional and a National event they can be run anytime during the season. PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 11a to bring this Rule in line with 11e concerning the 40% Rule for National events. PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 14a to amend the end of the last sentence to read "the sum of £150 plus medals." and Rule 14b to amend the end to read "will receive 1st £100, 2nd £75 & 3rd £50.". PASSED

The proposal from Peterborough CC to amend Rule 11. When selecting fields for Regional Races the organiser has X% of the field to choose as he so wishes. With X being say, 25%. FAILED due to there being no representative from the club to speak on the proposal.

Finchley Racing Team were accepted back into the League after serving their suspension. Their event is proposed for 17th March 2019 at 09:00 a Regional B on the West Hanningfield course.

All the events were agreed by those present. Glendene CC and Eagle CC will not be running events in 2019. Lea Valley CC and Peterborough CC do not as yet have an event registered.

North Road CC were selected to promote the Circuit Race Championship on 27th May 2019.

It was agreed the location of the 2018 AGM would be the Chelmer CC HQ Chelmsford, or if it was completed in time the New Cycle Circuit at Northern Gateway Colchester.

All those who have not paid their Annual Subscription of £15 please complete the renewal form you were sent earlier and follow the instructions on the form. If you do not have a form please email me and I will send you one.