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Thread: Crest CC Road Race

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    Default Crest CC Road Race

    1 Liam Fenner API-Metrow/Bodyby JR 3rd
    2 Andy Lyons API-Metrow/Bodyby JR 2nd
    3 Sam Barker Cambridge CC 3rd
    4 Jim Bradford Cambridge CC 2nd
    5 Jack Brown Cambridge CC 2nd
    6 Stephen Fuller Cambridge CC 2nd
    7 Alfie Kennard Cambridge CC 2 J
    8 Joshua Davies CC London 3rd
    9 Alexander Herd CC London 3 J
    10 Simon McCartney CC London 3rd
    11 Ian Watson CC London 3rd
    12 James Newton CC Sudbury 3rd
    13 Nicholas Flexman Colchester Rovers CC 3rd
    14 Jamie Hazelton Colchester Rovers CC 2nd
    15 Thomas King Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 3rd
    16 Kieran Jarvis Cycle Team OnForm 2nd
    17 Logan de Monchaux-Irons Cycling Club Hackney 2 J
    18 Christopher Hezelgrave Cycling Club Hackney 2nd
    19 Frank Moore Cycling Club Hackney 2 J
    20 Harley Matthews DAP Cycling Club 2nd
    21 Mark Richards DAP Cycling Club 2nd
    22 Christopher Thomas East London Velo 2nd
    23 Thomas Willan East London Velo 2nd
    24 Freddie Grover Fast Test Racing Team 3 J
    25 Paul Roberts Lea Valley CC 2nd
    26 Simon Humphris London Phoenix CC 3rd
    27 Martin Smith London Phoenix CC 2nd
    28 Gavin Moore Orwell Velo 2nd
    29 David Warwick Orwell Velo 2nd
    30 Joshua Aiken Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich 2nd
    31 Gabriel Fowden Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich 2nd
    32 David Sargent-Szczesniak Peterborough Cycling Club 4th
    33 Matt Cowan Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team 3rd
    34 Ian Franklin Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team 2nd
    35 Toby Parnell Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team 2nd
    36 Jonny Allen Rapha Cycling Club 2nd
    37 Thomas Battrum Rapha Cycling Club 3rd
    38 Freddie Checketts Rapha Cycling Club 2nd
    39 James Hayden Rapha Cycling Club 2nd
    40 Christopher Richmond Rapha Cycling Club 2nd
    41 Thomas Shanney Redbridge CC 3rd
    42 Daniel Shanney Redbridge CC 2nd
    43 Lukasz Szeloch Redbridge CC 4th
    44 Hector Corey St Ives CC 3rd
    45 Joshua Ibbett St Ives CC 3rd
    46 Seán Purser St Ives CC 2 J
    47 Charlie Wright Strada-Sport 2nd
    48 Benjamin Beynon Strada-Sport 2nd
    49 Thomas Heal Strada-Sport 2nd
    50 Seb Herrod Strada-Sport 3rd
    51 Jake Towler Strada-Sport 3rd
    52 Adam Hole VC Norwich 3rd
    53 Dale Johnston VC Norwich 2nd
    54 Lewis Pendle VC Norwich 3rd
    55 Andrew Taylor VC Norwich 3rd
    56 Tom Yiangou VC Norwich 3rd
    57 Lewis Ball Velo Schils - Interbike RT 3rd
    58 Leighton Oxley-Crisp Velo Schils - Interbike RT 2nd
    59 Tom Rowson Velo Schils - Interbike RT 2nd
    60 Thomas Smith Velo Schils - Interbike RT 4th
    1 Oliver Knight Team Corley Cycles 2 J
    2 Samuel Asker VC Londres 3 J
    3 Timothy Allen Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 2nd
    4 James Woodfield Wellingborough Cycles 2nd
    5 Matthew Shepherd TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 2nd
    6 Marco Passfield Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 2 J
    7 Patrick Warren Ellmore Factory Racing 2nd
    8 Riyadh Khamis Full Gas Racing Team 2nd
    9 Milo Chapman Team Corley Cycles 3 J
    10 Valentino Fontana Gemini BC 3rd
    Joan Potts

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    At the moment the Weather Forecast for Sunday is 4 or 5 degrees. Unless there is a change the event will go ahead. You will all be informed by midday on Saturday if the event is cancelled.

    If there is still be frost, or ice on the course early in the morning the start will be delayed until it is safe to start. If this happens the event may be cut short, but BC and ERRL Points will be as advertised.
    Joan Potts

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    Please note this event has been cancelled, due to the adverse weather, which will mean the safety of the riders, marshals and convoy vehicles cannot be guaranteed.
    Joan Potts

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