Eastern Road Race League AGM report 2017

Election of Officers and Committee
The Committee and Officers are as follows: Chairman - Joan Potts, Secretary - Margaret Hargreaves, Treasurer - Len Gordon, Committee - Malcolm Hargreaves, David Hales, Peter Richardson & Darren Steward.

The Annual Report was accepted after the number of existing clubs was amended to 42, as it was pointed out that a club currently suspended was technically still a member.

The Financial Report was accepted. A question was asked as to what we intended to do with the accumulated funds, the committee to look at the matter and come up with a proposal for the next AGM.

The Website Administrator - Chris Brooking
Auditor - Chris Thornton

The Amendment to Rule 2 to set the maximum number of clubs to 45. PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 7 that clubs who promote both a National and a Regional event must have the Regional event as part of the ERRL. PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 7 to define the racing season from the 1st week in March to the 3rd week in October (amended at the meeting). PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 9 for riders start and result lists to be posted on the ERRL Forum. PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 11e the first part was amended to read 40% of the field shall be reserved for the best of the entered ERRL riders. The amendment was passed then the amended proposal was PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 11f to bring this rule in line with Rule 12. PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 12 was amended to read "All suspensions to be for the remainder of the season allowing the club to continue their membership at the next AGM with the delegates approval." the amendment was passed then the amended proposal was PASSED

The 2nd Amendment to Rule 12 for dealing with suspended clubs. WITHDRAWN by the committee

The Amendment to Rule 13 to delete the words Assistant Commissaires. PASSED

The Amendment to Rule 15 for the organiser to add to their event on the BC Website the selection criteria. PASSED

The following new clubs were accepted into the League.
Islington CC & Cycle Team OnForm
Prospective new clubs were reminded they must have an event registered with BC and an Accredited Marshal among their members at the date of the AGM.

All the events were agreed by those present. There may be a few changes to Calendar after the BC Date Fixing Meeting on 9th December 2017.

Southend Wheelers were selected to promote the Circuit Race Championship on 11th August 2018.

It was agreed the location of the 2018 AGM would be the Chelmer CC HQ Chelmsford if it was still there, if not it would be Boreham Village Hall.

All those who have not paid their Annual Subscription please send your £15 to:
Len Gordon
7 Cambridge Close
SS16 6UW
or contact him at lengordon55@gmail.com to pay Electronically.