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    Default ERRL AGM Agenda

    1.30pm for 2.00pm Saturday 11th November 2017
    Chelmer CC Clubroom, Meteor Way, Chelmsford CM1 2RL

    1 Apologies for absence

    2 Approve minutes of 2016 Annual General Meeting

    3 Annual Report

    There were 43 affiliated clubs/teams at the beginning of the season and 41 at the end. Clubs were due to promote 47 events, five of these being circuit races. Six events were cancelled. One because the club withdrew from the League; all the others because of road works. Finchley Racing Team were suspended for not adhering to the rules. We would ask all organisers to check the road works websites (eg. Essex County Council Highways).
    During the 2017 season 41 events went ahead compared with 44 in 2016. 127 members gained points compared with 137 in 2016. 32 clubs gained points compared with 34 in 2016.

    Rapha Cycling Club promoted the Eastern Region Championship as their commitment to the ERRL. Sudbury CC were given dispensation to run the Women's and Junior Regional Championships and CC London promoted the ERRL Circuit Race Championship within their event at Hog Hill.

    There were two complaints concerning field selection, one of which was sorted out before the event to everyone's satisfaction.

    Again there were some difficulties booking Accredited Marshals. All the clubs now have Accredited Marshals and many thanks to Ian Doe for running many training courses.

    There has been an increase in the payment of race entry fees failing on the BC online entry system. This is of great concern and we would recommend organisers to email the riders concerned and give them a set time to pay. If no payment is forthcoming withdraw them from the event as this situation cannot be allowed to continue.

    Committee members have given serious consideration to introducing a new rule requiring member clubs to organise Regional races rather than National events. (This would have been in accord with the original purpose of the League to enable riders of lower categories to get rides). However, BC have just agreed that when the ERRL run National races organisers may give priority entry to 40% ERRL members for a trial season during 2018. (with no reduction of points awarded). Race organisers must add a note to this effect on the BC website details. Committee will continue to monitor the situation regarding the number of National/Regional races but we believe no further action is required at present.

    We would like to congratulate all the prize winners and wish you a safe and successful 2018. Will prize winners please make an effort to attend the AGM to collect their awards, or send a club member to collect them on their behalf.
    Joan Potts
    Margaret Hargreaves

    4. Treasurer’s Report the statement of accounts is on the post below

    5. Election of Officers

    Chairman – Currently Joan Potts
    Secretary - Currently Margaret Hargreaves
    Treasurer – Currently Leonard Gordon

    6. Election of the Committee (Up to 4 ex officio)

    Present Committee (includes Officers as above)
    David Hales (VC Revolution),
    Darren Steward (Maldon & District CC)
    Malcolm Hargreaves (Colchester Rovers CC)
    Peter Richardson (London Phoenix CC)

    7. Appointments

    Website Administrator (Chris Brooking)
    Auditor (at present Chris Thornton)
    Note: These are not members of the committee.

    8. Proposed ERRL Rule Changes

    Proposed by the Committee:-

    ITEM 1 Rule 2. add after the words "through its member clubs," the words "the maximum of which shall be 45,"
    NOTE This was felt to be necessary because of the reduction in field size by the BC risk assessors.

    ITEM 2 Rule 7. At the end of the first sentence add the words "if a club runs both a Regional and National event the Regional one must be the ERRL event, the National event is at the discretion of the club."
    NOTE This is to ensure lower category riders are catered for, which was the original aim of the League.

    ITEM 3 Rule 7. At the end of the second sentence add the words "from the first week in March to the second week in October."
    NOTE This is so we do not clash with the Winter Leagues and Cyclo Cross, also to allow sufficient time after the last event to order the Awards.

    ITEM 4 Rule 9. Delete and replace with "All rider start lists to be posted on the ERRL Forum as soon as possible after the closing date. All race results to be posted on the ERRL Forum within 7 days of the event."
    NOTE This is to encourage organisers to post for all members to see.

    ITEM 5
    Rule 11e) delete and replace with “Preference to be given to the best 40% of ERRL riders, before accepting non ERRL riders. The selection to be based on the total points from the current and previous seasons Licence points.”
    NOTE This is a one year trial from BC to hopefully allow more ERRL riders in National events. It means the best 24 riders in a 60 field will be guaranteed a ride.

    ITEM 6 Rule 11f. Delete the last section in brackets and replace with "(this could mean suspension from the League as per Rule 12)".
    NOTE This is to bring both Rules in line with each other.

    ITEM 7 Rule 12 . Replace the second sentence with “All suspensions to be for the remainder of the season allowing suspended clubs to re-apply for membership at the next AGM”.
    NOTE The current wording is ambiguous and states that the suspension runs for one year .

    ITEM 8 Rule 12. Replace the second sentence with “All suspensions to be for the remainder of the current season and the following season. Suspended clubs must then re-apply for membership at the AGM”.
    NOTE The current wording is ambiguous by referring to a one year suspension.

    ITEM 9 Rule 13. Delete the words "Assistant Commissaires".
    NOTE This is to bring the Rule in line with the new BC terminology. They no longer have Assistant Commissaires, they are Trainee Commissaires.

    ITEM 10 Rule 15. Before the closing bracket add "also state the selection criteria and any other relevant information."
    NOTE This is because BC have requested this information be added to events on their website.

    9. Club applications to join The Eastern Road Race League
    CC Islington
    UEA Velo
    Cycle Team on Form
    Bloodwise QSW Cycling Team
    Diavolo RT

    10. Confirm Road Program for 2018
    Strada Sport will be running the BC Eastern Region Championship as their contribution to the League

    11. Select a Circuit Race for the ERRL 2018 Championship

    Events to select from are:

    28th May, 2018 North Road Circuit Races.
    11th August, 2018 Southend Wheelers Circuit Races.
    Date to be fixed CC London Circuit Race

    12. Agree location for 2018 AGM

    13. Prize Presentation

    ERRL Team Champions 2017

    Strada-Sport (ERRL Shield)

    11 Riders scoring 370 points and gaining Medals

    Thomas Power, Morris Bacon, Zak Coleman, Jack Hardwicke,
    Oliver Wood, Ben Howell, Charlie Wright, Seb Herrod,
    Thomas Heal, Tiago Fougo, Benjamin Beynon

    2nd Velo Schils – Interbike RT 201 points
    3rd East London Velo 177 points

    ERRL Overall Road Race Championship 2017
    Position Rider Club/Team Award
    1st Thomas Power - 354 Points Strada Sport Trophy
    2nd Ross Fawcett – 188 Points Pedal Power Cycles Silver Medal
    3rd Tom Elwood – 168 Points CC London Bronze Medal

    ERRL Circuit Race Championship 2017
    Promoted by CC London
    Position Rider Club/Team Award
    1st Harley Matthews DAP Cycling Club Trophy
    2nd Logan de Monchaux-Irons Cycling Club Hackney Silver Medal
    3rd Dominic Schils Velo Schils – Interbike RT Bronze Medal

    14. Any Other Competent Business

    15. Close Meeting

    Note: Annual subscriptions of £15.00 are due from member clubs at the date of the AGM. Payments should be sent to the Treasurer Leonard Gordon at 7 Cambridge Close, Langdon Hills, Essex SS16 6UW or may be paid at the meeting.
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    Joan Potts

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    ERRL Statement of Accounts

    Statement of Accounts.pdf
    Joan Potts

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