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Thread: Chain Gang. It's that time of year.

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    Default Chain Gang. It's that time of year.

    This message went the the Triathlon Club. As ever, anyone from the Cycling Club is welcome to come to the Tri Club chain gang.

    Quote Originally Posted by me, with my Triathlon Club hat on

    Itís nearly the middle of April which means that itís chain gang time!

    Weíll be starting on 18th April and continuing each Tuesday until the end of September.

    The format and organisation will be the same as in recent years. Viz:

    Meet by 6:30 at the corner of Wilberforce Road and Adams road (the entrance to the University Track). Please donít obstruct the road and the cycle path!

    I (or a deputy if I canít get there) will set everyone off in groups. To work well each group needs to be roughly 10 to 15 strong and everyone in it of similar ability. The groups have to set off fastest first, so that they donít catch each other on the way round and so that anyone who drops out can join a slightly slower group rather than a faster one. The gap between each group setting off has to be big enough to stand a chance of getting out of Grange Road intact.

    A chaingang works best if the group rides it as a chaingang. If youíre not sure what that means have a look here. it doesnít happen by magic so itís best to go steadily at first to get the formation working, and to go steadily after each junction, interruption etc. to get it working again.

    There is only one significant hill on the course: Chapel Hill, aka Ďthe Chapelbergí, in Haslingfield. The Rule is to regroup in Barrington after the left turn. This is a rule and itís important. It means that you can ride up as fast as you like. More importantly it means that you can ride hard before the hill rather than sitting on. Please wait until everyone who was in the group at the bottom of the hill reaches the regrouping point before continuing.

    If you are too fast for your group please donít ruin it for everyone else. Make sure that you go with a faster group in the future.

    If you are too slow for your group hang in there! If you canít hang on the back sit up and wait for the next group to catch you. If there isnít another group you have a target to get further next week.

    Please bring a rear light for the first couple of weeks.


    Training Co-ordinator
    With my Cycling Club hat on I assume that the Newnham Corner chain gang will happen this week too :-)
    -----------Bike Fitting-----------

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    Default Tri club chaingang start times in September

    It's September and the evenings are drawing in :-(

    To get round the chaingang route before dark means that during September we have to start progressively earlier.

    These are the start times for the Triathlon Club chaingang (Wilberforce Road)

    5th Sept - 6:15

    12th Sept - 6:15

    19th Sept - 6:00

    26th Sept - 6:00 (maybe enough light if the weather is clear - sunset is officially 1850)

    Please note that there is just enough time to get round the route - but not enough to ride home so you'll definitely need lights.

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    When is the chaingang starting this year? Is it tomorrow? If so, what time?

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