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    Hi Joan/All,

    In the light of the recent cancellation of races I wondered if there was any plan to re-schedule any of these events?

    As far as I am aware the Ike Saul (Reg A), Welwyn Wheelers (Reg B), Lee Valley (Reg B) and now the Last Chance Points Grabber (Reg A) have been cancelled to date with my teams race (PCH (Nat B)) being moved to Hog Hill. This means that 2 of the 12 Reg As and 2 of the 24 Reg Bs this season have been cancelled. Leaving 4 Reg As and 11 Reg Bs left for the remainder of the season.

    As a 2nd cat I only have 3 races left this season, which I have entered (the 4th at Hopton I will no be entering as it is at least a 2hr drive away). That assumes I will actually get in given I currently have no points due to the general lack of Reg A races together with the Ike Saul and Last Chance being cancelled and not getting in the ELV due having over 150 entries. Also Nat B events are all but irrelevant given that ERRL riders do not get priority and the general lack of Nat A & B events nationally means that these are often flooded with very strong riders from far afield. On only 27 occasions has a ERRL rider managed to get points (out of 145 positions with points available), which only goes to prove my point. As you are aware for one to keep their 2nd license 25 BC points are required within the season, which for me would mean averaging of over 8 points per race. I know for a fact there is an abundance of 2nd cats in my position but hopefully the calendar will be the same next year and as a 3rd cat we will have the luxury of 7 Reg B races in the next 8 weeks!


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    All these events have been cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the organiser. There is only one free weekend left in the Region and that has been offered to clubs, but at the moment no club has taken up the offer. You must remember that clubs do not only run road races they are involved in Time Trials and other cycling events which means they may already have other events planned for that date.

    Concerning events for 2nd cat riders, you say there are only 3 left open to you, I assume you are talking about ERRL events, but surely there are other events elsewhere that are not too far for you to enter and some of the Nat B events near the end of the season do not have full fields, also there are circuit races where points can be picked up.

    The ERRL cannot make clubs put on certain categories of event, that is up to the BC Region Competition Administrator who tries to get a balanced Calendar.
    Joan Potts

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