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    Default 2015 AGM Agenda

    2pm for 2.30pm Saturday 7th November 2015
    Chelmer CC Clubroom, Meteor Way, Chelmsford CM1 2RL

    1 Apologies for absence

    2 Approve minutes of 2014 Annual General Meeting

    3 Annual Report

    There were 42 member Clubs/Teams who were to promote 45 events, unfortunately this did not happen. Spirit Racing Team were suspended for failing to promote and 4 events were cancelled, 2 for the lack of Accredited Marshals, 1 for road works and 1 due to a clash with a classic car rally on the course. Alternatives were sought but were found not to be suitable. Other events had to be moved or put on different courses to those advertised due to the loss of the Panshanger course.

    During the 2015 season 40 ERRL events were promoted compared with 42 in 2014. 153 members gained points compared with 178 in 2014 and 34 clubs gained points compared with 35 in 2014.

    VC Revolution again promoted the British Cycling Eastern Region Championship as their commitment to the ERRL and North Road CC kindly hosted the ERRL Circuit Race Championship within their event at Hog Hill.

    There were no official complaints concerning field selection, only a few questions which were answered to the satisfaction of those who enquired.

    The Accredited Marshals scheme has worked well in the main, but it seems that some marshals are not doing their required number of events and some marshals are being overworked. We hope that BC will be running more courses so that all our existing clubs will be able remain in the League and obtain their Accredited Marshals as required by our Rules. At the moment there are 7 clubs without Accredited Marshals and all of them have supplied us with the names and contact details of those who wish to be included in the next course.

    It was agreed at the Eastern Region Date Fixing Meeting that out of pocket expenses for Accredited Marshals would be paid at 20p per mile in cash on the day. It was suggested that all officials should be paid in cash as they signed on, by an envelope with their name on at the signing on table. It was also mentioned that not all the official forms were being sent to Derek Lusher. It is the organisers responsibility to make sure that completed copies of the riders, officials and marshals signing on sheets are sent with the levy form and a cheque to Derek no later than 7 days after the event.

    One other thing mentioned at the Eastern Region Date Fixing meeting was the lack of communication between Organiser, Accredited Marshals and BC Officials. Please remember to acknowledge all emails, texts and phone messages and if your event is cancelled please inform all your helpers.

    We would like to congratulate all the Prize Winners and we hope you all have a great and successful 2016.

    Joan Potts
    Margaret Hargreaves

    4. Treasurer’s Report

    2014 Income 2015

    £3,308.69 Balance in hand at 1st November £3,679.91
    £675.00 Club Subscriptions £630.00

    £3,983.69 Total £4,309.91


    £60.00 Team Championship £60.00
    £77.46 Trophies and Medals £79.74
    £55.00 Annual General Meeting £29.22
    £44.99 Stationery and Printing £51.99
    £66.33 Website Hosting £56.39

    £3,679.91 Balance in hand at 30th September £4,032.50

    5. Election of Officers
    Chairman – Currently Joan Potts
    Secretary - Currently Margaret Hargreaves
    Treasurer – Currently Len Gordon

    6. Election of the Committee (Up to 4 ex officio)

    Present Committee (includes Officers as above)
    Kevin Curtis (Stowmarket CC), David Hales (VC Revolution)
    Malcolm Hargreaves (Colchester Rovers CC)
    Peter Richardson (London Phoenix CC)

    7. Appointments

    Website Administrator (Chris Brooking)
    Auditor (new post)
    Note: These are not members of the committee.

    8. Proposed ERRL Rule Changes

    Proposed by the Committee:-

    Proposal 1.
    Rule 3. Add at the beginning the words " Membership is open to Clubs/Teams registered with the Eastern Region of British Cycling. Existing Central Region Clubs/Teams may remain in the League.
    Note: It was suggested at the 2014 AGM that all events should be run in Eastern Region. This would be a problem with dates, courses and Accredited Marshals. This may be a better way round the problem.

    Proposal 2.
    Rule 3. Delete the words in lines 2 and 3 "suspended until the fee is paid, any points gained during suspension will not be awarded and will be lost." and replace with the words "deemed to have resigned."
    Note: This is to assist in the collection of membership fees and the registration of events.

    Proposal 3a.
    Rule 3. Add after the words "fail to pay" the words "or register their event with British Cycling".

    Proposal 3b. Add after the words "fee is paid" the words "or their event is registered".
    Note: Proposal 3b will be withdrawn if proposal 2 is passed. This is to stop clubs getting preference of entry to Regional events without first registering an event. The promise of registration is not good enough. This year a club was suspended for doing this.

    Proposal 4.
    Rule 6b. Add at the end the words “ending the 30th September”
    Note: It is felt we should have this information in our Rules.

    Proposal 5.
    Rule 6e. Change the word “elect” to “appoint”.
    Note: Chris Brooking administers the website and does not require to be elected.

    Proposal 6.
    Add new Rule 6f. To appoint an auditor, who must not be a member of the Committee. Then renumber the remaining part of Rule 6
    Note: Previously we did not have our accounts audited and it is felt that we should.

    Proposal 7.
    Rule 8 . Remove the words “League and”
    Note No Levies are collected by the League

    Proposal 8
    Rule 11d. Add between the words "according to" and "Licence Points" in the 2nd line, the words "the current and previous seasons".
    Note: This Rule was written before online entry was introduced, when
    both seasons points were included on the Entry Form. This is most important for early season events, where those who ride Winter League can gain an advantage over those who don't.

    Proposal 9.
    Rule 13. Remove from line 2 the word "either" and the words "or a CSAS Trained Marshal.
    Note: All Accredited Marshals are BC trained, CSAS marshals are no longer used by BC.

    Proposal 10.
    Rule 13. Add after the word "approval" "who will fulfil their commitment to marshal at 5 races in a calendar year ."
    Note: Not all Accredited Marshals are fulfilling their commitment to BC and some of our events have been cancelled due to this

    Proposal 11
    Proposed by Pro Cycle Hire UK:-
    Proposal to amend Rule 2. In the second line after the words " For First Claim Members" add the words "of Elite, 1st, 2nd and 3rd categories.
    Note: Being a 3rd cat this year has really opened my eyes to how poor the standard of riding is with dangerous and careless riding and many crashes putting riders safety at risk. With the recent growth of popularity for cycling, many riders simply don't have the experience, so removing 4th cats will go a long way to making the races safer! It's scary to think, albeit unlikely, that someone could potentially buy a bike on a saturday and turn up to a race on a sunday morning having never actually ridden a bike then enter on the line with a day license as a 4th cat and be in the race. This would quite simply be putting other rider lives at risk! Finally, although this may seem an extreme measure, there are many circuit races (Hog Hill, Cyclo Park, etc) for these riders to ride Go Ride, 4th cat only, 3rd/4th, etc races for these riders to get experience. Quite frankly if they cannot get points in those race then they shouldn't be allowed on the road.
    Joan Potts

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    Proposal 12
    Proposed by Pro Cycle Hire UK
    Proposal to amend Rule 7. In the first line add between the words "more" and "races" the words "National B and Regional A only".
    Note: This would mean a greater spread of races throughout the region for the core 2nd/3rd cat riders which make up the vast majority of the riders in the league. It will still be fair to riders as under current rules teams can nominate riders to have priority in races, so everyone can still get a race, and the current non ERRL Reg B can be a shorter distance making them a lower band, which will encourage the better riders to go to the higher ranked races (as they do in Belgium) while still allowing more options for riders with a race in Norfolk and Essex on the same day for example. Particularly early season there is more than sufficient demand for 2 races on the same day.

    9. Club applications to join The Eastern Road Race League

    API – Metrow/Essex Utilities
    Great Yarmouth CC
    Icknield RC (Central)
    Ipswich Velo
    Islington CC
    Orwell Velo
    TMG Horizon Cycling Team (Central)
    Velo Club Baracchi

    Note: If proposal 1 above is adopted then it is pointless for Central Region clubs to apply for membership

    10. Confirm Road Program for 2016

    11. Select a Circuit Race for the ERRL 2016 Championship
    Events to select from are:
    North Road CC Circuit Races on 30/5/2016 at Hog Hill
    Southend Criteriums on 29/8/2016 at Hog Hill

    12. Agree location for 2016 AGM

    13. Prize Presentation
    ERRL Team Champions 2014

    Strada Sport (ERRL Shield)
    11 Riders scoring 319 points and gaining Medals
    Chris Jackson, Morris Bacon , Thomas Power, Martin Ruepp,
    Freddy Pett, Jali Packer, Haley Matthews, Matt Bridges,
    Joe Skipper, Andrew Bean and Jack Hardwick

    2nd Cambridge CC 212 points

    3rd St Ives CC 177 points

    ERRL Overall Road
    Race Championship 2015

    Position Rider Club/Team Award
    1st Tom Fitzpatrick Diss and District CC Trophy
    2nd Douglas Coleman CC Luton Silver Medal
    3rd Patrick Graf Cambridge CC Bronze Medal

    ERRL Criterium Championship 2015
    Promoted by North Road CC

    Position Rider Club/Team Award
    1st Jack Steven East London Velo Trophy
    2nd James Rix Glendene CC Silver Medal
    3rd Thomas Beasley East London Velo Bronze Medal

    14. Any Other Competent Business

    15. Close Meeting

    Note: Annual subscriptions of £15.00 are due from member clubs at the date of the AGM. Payments should be sent to the Treasurer Len Gordon at 7 Cambridge Close, Langdon Hills, Essex SS16 6UW.
    Joan Potts

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