As most of you will know 2 ERRL events have been cancelled due to the lack of Accredited Marshals.

I feel I must warn you that if your club's Accredited Marshal does not do the 5 events as per BC requirements, they will be no longer be an Accredited Marshal and your club will no longer be able to participate in League events.

There are 9 ERRL Accredited Marshals who have not done any events, 12 who have only done 1 event and 16 who have only done 2 events. By this time in the season they all should have done 2 or 3. I am aware that some may have volunteered for the 4 events that we have had cancelled, 2 of those due to other reasons beyond the organisers control, but what is the good of insisting that clubs have Accredited Marshals if they are not going to volunteer for events.

If you wish to remain in the League I suggest you speak to your Accredited Marshals and explain the situation to them.