Sunday 26th July.

Although it has been necessary to cancel the 'Circuit of the Fens Pro-Elite Classic' (and with it the Benwick Kermesse), the race for 2/3 cats will still take place.

1) The 'Circuit of the Fens' (Amateur Race) has moved from Whittlesey to Benwick (just up the road).
2) The 'Circuit of the Fens' (Amateur Race) will start at the civilised hour of 12 noon.
3) The race will now cover eight laps of the 9.5 mile circuit (76 miles in total) and will benefit from the road closure order.
4) Four police motor-cyclists will be up front to pave the way along with a police car at the rear to make sure that nobody tries to get by.
5) There will neutral service, a St John ambulance and a broom wagon in the race convoy.
6) Any club or team with a registered team manager will be allowed to follow the race, subject the usual BC Technical Regs.
7) The Photo-finish van will be in attendance too.
8) More prizes

The Race HQ will be at Benwick Village Hall although signing-on will take place in "The Five Awls".

The closing date has been extended to the 5th July in line with normal ERRL procedure.

Any questions, contact me at: